What The Hell Wednesday # 1

What The Hell Wednesday was started by sisters Elle and Stacy at Blue Monkey Butt. That sounded like something right up my alley so here is my What The Hell story for the week.

Halloween has come and gone but before the big day we had a local dentist on the morning show talking about his Halloween Candy Buy Back Program. What the hell?

He was offering to buy back candy from kids who bring in their loot for $1.00 a pound. What the hell? He claims that all that candy ruins their teeth. Well so does fluoride but they advocate that don't they? Last year he received a little over 300 pounds of candy. But we're not talking guns here people, candy is not going to kill you. Sure, you might get a gut ache and maybe a cavity. But if your parents are as bright as they think they are by trying to sell your candy that you worked so hard to get, why don't they just tell you to brush your teeth after eating the bad, bad candy?

What in the hell is the world coming to when a kid can't go out once a year and get a pile of candy all to themselves (except for the pieces that their parents steal late at night)? Everybody is always trying to suck the fun out of things that kids enjoy. First the parents used to check all of the candy to find the hidden razor blades, (never found any by the way) and now they want to take it completely away. If I was a kid that had tromped for hours in the rain and hauled my treasures home only to have it taken away and replaced by a couple of bucks, I'd be downright pissed.

And what's going to happen to the candy? Does it get dumped? Now, being an adult, if I spent about 20 bucks on candy for all of the goblin neighborhood kids and then they take it to the wacky dentist and he dumps it, I'd be downright pissed.

I wonder what kind of Halloweens that dentist had as a kid. I bet he pounded down Hershey bars right along with the rest of his friends. What made him go on the wagon? Did he get a cavity and got scared straight by his dentist? Did he right then and there make a vow to ruin Halloween for kids by becoming a dentist when he got older? And think of the fun his kids will be having on Halloween or any holiday sweets are involved (eyes rolling).

We used to ration my daughters candy and she could make it last almost until Christmas, and then we would give her more in her stocking, ha. she's 14 and has just one cavity.

Moderation, Mr. Dentist Man is the key. Not taking away a fun innocent time for the kids to just be kids. There aren't many of those fun times left for them, so let them have their candy, AND eat it too.

So to you, Mr. Dentist I say What The Hell?


The Blue Zoo said…
I thought the whole buying back the candy thing was crazy too! I know of some parents who take their kids trick or treating for 2 hours just to throw the candy away the next day...??!! If you dont want the candy then why are you going door to door asking for it?
Grumpy said…
Several dentists in my neighborhood do this also. They then package the candy and send it to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess it's OK if our soldiers have cavities.
kden said…
@Grumpy-Now I do remember him saying that they would be sending the candy to the troops. I guess big boys and girls can get cavities, maybe the dentist will stick in a toothbrush too.
Rachele said…
I'm all for letting a kid be a kid. Society today has so many people afraid of EVERYTHING and it sucks the fun out of it all. Sure, candy isn't the best thing nutritionally or for teeth but it sure is tasty and fun! Moderation is key and a little over indulging once in a while are the things MY kids are going to remember as Good times.
Stacy said…
Thank you so much for joining us for What the Hell Wednesday! You know what would be funny? If he bought all that candy and sat home alone in the dark eating it all himself!
ethelmaepotter! said…
Yeah, Pleasant View's LONE dentist did this last year, but I didn't see anything about it this year. Maybe he rethought the whole thing.
Great rant, by the way!
Elle said…
Gotta love a blog named Feel Like Complaining!

I bet this guy got rocks and raisins when he was little and vowed to ruin Halloween for other kids when he grew up.

My kids got tons of candy, but they don't like everything and our youngest has food allergies so it's not like they eat every single piece.

Thanks for playing WTHW with us!

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