The Cable Guy Thinks I'm Nuts

Back to the humming problem. When Comcast installed our DVR a few months ago, the technician gave us his personal cell phone number and said we call call about anything. Well, maybe not to ask him if he's pick up some eggs and milk, but he was very nice so we thought we'd take him up on his offer.

My husband called him and Dave said he would be by after he got off work to check out the problem. He explained to my hubby that the DVR is like a computer which has a fan and that is probably what we're hearing.

He stops by and I mute the TV so he can hear it better. Of course, he can't hear it. I said "I can hear it right now." He starts to back away from the TV. He explained that what he generally hears in homes of people complaining of noise is much louder.

I tried to explain about what I had read online about a 'ground loop issue'. He said "Now you're getting into reversed polarity and blah blah blah and that's not your problem." I'm hoping that he's not going to tell me what my problem is.

He starts to move back more towards the door and then stops. "Now I hear it", he said. "It sounds like it's coming from your kitchen, it's probably your fridge", and out the door he goes.

The whole conversation lasted less than 5 minutes. I guess I can put Dave on my Do Not Call List.

So I guess I'll just have to learn to live with the humming, along with my clackity clock, radon pump, shuddering fridge, and all the other little noises that go along with an old house. And oh crap, there goes the neighbors' dogs again.


Grumpy said…
Did you ever think your husband wants you to believe you're hearing things?
kden said…
Could be, since he schedules the appointment at a time when he is working, hmmmmm.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh, Lord, the dogs are still barking?!
This was too funny. Dave would certainly not be on my Christmas card list!
kden said…
The dogs are ALWAYS barking. But their people's work schedule must have changed some because more mornings than not they are leaving later so not letting the dogs out so early. And with the house all closed up it is a bit better. But since I've had to turn the water off outside I carry a glass of water outside with me. They bark, they get wet.

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