Not Your Usual Moring Wake Up Call

This morning I was on my way to work and as I turn my usual left onto a one-way street I noticed how little traffic there was since it was a holiday.

Well, except for the SUV headed in the wrong direction coming right at me. We are the only two on the street for blocks and I'm doing a quick check to see if I had made a wrong turn somewhere. Nope, not me, it was him. He's honking at me like I'm the screwy one so I honk back, like he's going to understand me. We seem to be playing Chicken so I go in the next lane and he decides to go that way too. So we're both swerving as we're getting closer and closer to one another. Finally I switch lanes again and as he passes me I'm swinging my arms wildly like I'm doing a very loud sign language. I see the passenger as we pass. It's a young preteen girl and she has her mouth wide open like she's about ready to scream. I then see him turn off the street in my rear view mirror.

Geez, I hope he figured out that he was the stupid one and not me. Without any other cars around it was hard to tell unless you knew the area. I could see him going home and telling his wife about the dumb lady going the wrong way on a one-way street.

Finally for once, I'm not that dumb lady.


Oh my that is funny! Glad you didn't get hurt.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh, I can just picture the whole thing! Too funny!
Liz said…
Isn't it great when you're NOT the one in the wrong?!

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