Killer Escapes From The Fair

Another proud day for our fair city.

My daughter and I were watching the news a few nights ago when they interrupted their usually fascinating broadcast to say that a "Killer Escaped From The Fair". I did a quick check of my calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fools Day.

Seems like a Mental Hospital was taking a few of their patients (really criminally insane prisoners) for a field trip to the fair. They were all wearing street clothes. Why? Maybe so they wouldn't stand out as mental prisoners and they could blend in better with the crowd. Oh, big mistake.

One man who had been found criminally insane for murdering an elderly woman just walked away from his babysitter. He had spent 22 years at the mental hospital but recently had been living downtown and was able to roam around a 6 block radius of his apartment. He recently returned to the hospital to deal with some medicine issues.

So this fine hospital took 31 criminally insane prisoners to a fair without notifying anyone at the fair. When the man walked away it was a full two hours before staffers called the Sheriff's Office. The man walked into a nearby business and asked for an application and hasn't been seen since. He has family in another part of the state so now there is an all out statewide manhunt for him. He's got 50 bucks in his pocket and no medication. Oh, sounds like fun times.

He has escaped before and a doctor who deemed him stable enough to go on the field trip now says that he is a potential threat to the community, especially without medication.

This guy may be insane but he's damn brilliant if he can plan an escape and hoodwink his babysitter. There were 3 patients assigned to one staffer. That's only three people to look after dude, and you lose one of them!

Now the state plans on investigating the policies and procedures that allowed a potentially dangerous mental patient to go on an outing to the fair. Yep, I think that's a good place to start.

And on an interesting side-note, another patient, a woman, recently also escaped from the hospital and hasn't been found yet. Holy Crap.


ethelmaepotter! said…
Good grief. I heard the bare details of this story on the news, but you've filled in all the unbelievable missing pieces. How could they let this happen?! I'm beginning to wonder about the mental capacity of the people who made the decision for this field trip!
ethelmaepotter! said…
Just heard on the news that the guy is back in custody.
3c said…
I wouldn't be able to look after one person, let alone three.
kden said…
Yes, he was caught Sunday afternoon, on his way to his parents' home. Now the people that put him at the fair should be sharing a room with him when he gets back to the hospital.

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