It Gives 'Grab-n-Go' A Whole New Meaning

In Tacoma Washington there's an espresso stand which employs bikini baristas to pump up business. But apparently after a two month sting they've been doing more than pumping up business.

Five of the baristas were charged with prostitution after they were observed posing naked for customers, letting customers wad up money and try to make a basket in their underwear, licking whip cream off of each other, and playing other grabby games in exchange for some hefty tips. But being half-naked isn't against the law. As long as the hoo-ha and the tee-tahs are covered, police say the stands do not violate indecent exposure laws. Health officials and state Labor and Industries officials say there are no clothing requirements for baristas.

So I gets it now; you can be almost nakie to serve coffee, you just can't play any touchy games or let those fine menfolk watch for extra big tips. Well, that makes it all better.

In Washington, bikini or lingerie wearing baristas are becoming quite the rage and putting other clothed espresso stands out of business.

"I brought a touch of Vegas back to Washington," said Bill Wheeler, who opened Grab 'N' Go Espresso on Highway 99 just south of Everett last year. He even employs his own 17 year old daughter. What an upstanding father. Maybe she should read Mackenzie Phillips' new book. Although he said he would fire anyone if they behaved in a manner other than serving coffee, I have a feeling he likes carrying an extra heavy deposit to the bank.

Oh, maybe I'm just jealous that I'm past the prime age of wearing bikini's and flaunting my stuff. Actually I never was able to wear one and I only flaunted once or twice in my life. Really daughter...(who always reads my blog). I can see her now frantically looking up the word 'flaunted' just to see what her mommy did, ha.

It's just sad that sex still sells. Always has, always will.


maryt/theteach said…
Nothing like that in New York City, kden. As far as I know anyway. Maybe in the Village or someplace like that. Love your post though! A note to "daughter:" I bet your mom had a lot to "flaunt!" :)

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