Way To Go DiSalvitore Family

I got hooked while watching The Great American Road Trip this summer. Seven families traveled the famous Route 66 from Chicago to California enduring challenges and vying for prizes and the coveted King of the Road crown. One family who lost the challenge had to leave each week.

The redneck Pollards and ever-fighting-Italian DiSalvitores were probably my least favorite from the beginning. There were some families that I felt bad for when they had to leave.

But as the trip rolled on I began to switch alliances and I started disliking the i'm-in-for-the-win-no-matter-what Cootes. Their competitiveness was ugly and I really felt sorry for their kids. Their mom said that before a competition she wouldn't let them finish their meal. I'm not sure why. Do you get stomach cramps if you compete 30 minutes after eating? Did it make them lighter and run faster? No, she's just weird.

The show prior to the last one had the Pollards, Cootes, and DiSalvatores up against each other to go for the win. I was rooting for whoever was not the Cootes. The Pollards were starting to look better and not as annoying and they seemed to be joined to the Di's against the Cootes. So whoever won that show would have been fine with me. But the Di's won and so now it was between them and the rude Cooties. A bunch of smack-talking ended that show with Keith Coote puffing up and asking Silvio, "Is this what you wanted?"

During the last show they had to run around using clues to collect cubes to make a picture of their final destination for their challenge. As they were waiting at the airport Amy Di's mom walked off the plane with their cube. Jennifer Coote runs up and tries to take the cube away from her not knowing who it was. Even if she didn't know who it was, it was plainass rude. So then Jennifer's mom comes in next with their cube and she grabs the cube away from her OWN mother instead of giving her mom any acknowledgment. Her mom called her on that later. Even while in their respective RV's the D family was getting caught up with family stuff and showing Grandma their trip scrapbook. Over in the Cooties cabin the mom was yelling at the kids telling them they can visit with Grandma later, they had to figure things out before the challenge.

Before the challenge Silvio toasted his family and said he was glad his mother-in-law was there. Now, any guy that can toast to his MIL can't be all that bad. The poor Coote's grandma was forced into playing along with young, annoying, Jake's cheering rants about how great they are.

The last challenge had them arrange cubes with pictures of each family onto a large map of the U.S. Trouble is, the pictures had backgrounds of some places they had never been to. After this was explained, Jennifer Coote said "I thought this challenge would be harder", while rolling her eyes as if this would not be a big enough of a challenge for her family.

Several times the Cooties thought they had it right, but a deep buzzer proved them wrong every time. They started fighting more and more and the Di's almost went into a Zen like state and let their older son take over. He had been doing his homework all along, studying every place they had been. They let Mason take over which eventually helped them win. Bing, that bell never sounded so sweet. I almost wanted to get up and start jumping around and hugging everyone.

The Di's hugged, the Cooties pouted, everything was alright in the world once again. And it proves that some families can become closer and want to be in it for the right reasons and others will probably always be annoying, mean, and petty.


ethelmaepotter! said…
Well, after reading your assessment of the petty, childish behavior on that show, I'm glad I didnt watch it.
How are things with the neighbor?
Grumpy said…
I also got hooked and thought the DiSalvatores were a hoot. I gave them zero chance to win, but somehow they pulled it off.
Nezzy said…
I don't watch it but it sounds like another episode of the Hatfields and McCoys. Hope your neighbor thing is going better. Have a peaceful evening!

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