Take A Right At DANGER

Yesterday my daughter started her first day of high school. The school is still under renovation and won't be totally finished until next year. On her way to a class she got lost so she stopped a teacher to ask for directions. He pointed down the long hall and said "See that danger sign way down there? Walk all the way down and take a right at DANGER, then take lefts at the next two halls and you'll find it."

So the next time you are lost or confused, just take a right at DANGER and then take two left hand turns; works every time.


Grumpy said…
Works for me. I've also added you to my blog roll. Thanks for visiting.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh, this is terrific! I've taken a right a Danger before, but never made the consequent two left turns; I MUST REMEMBER THAT!
Anonymous said…
I'll also go by this because I'm the one who took it! ILY M!
Nezzy said…
Sounds a little dangerous to me. Hope your gal has a great year in high school. You have yourself a calm safe evening. God bless!!!
Signe said…
Sooo...danger is the RIGHT way?? (bad pun intended) Just don't tell my boys that...they're wild enough without the permission.

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