Silly Girl

After dinner last night I told my daughter she had to post THIS picture on her blog so she can show everyone what they did to her. But instead she posted a nice one of her and her friends.

So I'm taking the liberty of posting it. If you buy the birthday package (yes, it's extra, unbeknownst to me), they make you put this fake rubber wig on and a Japanese shawl. Then they sing and take a picture and put it in a frame. Isn't she lovely?

This was taken at home outside after dinner. I wish I was this beautiful when I was her age. She's just as beautiful on the inside too.

It was a very nice evening and I enjoyed spending time with three mature young ladies. As we were leaving, I saw a toddler in a total meltdown at another table and thanked God those days were over ;-)


anml_lvr said…
Hardy. Har. Har.

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