Home Again

Sigh.....we're home. We are tired, sunburned (well, me anyway) and not ready to get back to the real world. But alas we must. So I started with laundry last night, shopping this morning so we could eat and cleaning the bathroom today, so it feels like we never left.

This is my shot of Manzanita taken from approximately the same spot on Hwy 101. The motel was very accommodating to families and had everything we needed.

The view was great, right across the street from the beach and would have been absolutely perfect if not for the young child upstairs who didn't really know how to walk anywhere. He seemed to have to run back and forth in the room and on the deck clear up until 10:00 pm.
It took us awhile to find a nice place to eat for our anniversary so we eventually drove back into Cannon Beach and spent way too much money and ate way too much food. But that's what vacations are for, right?

We walked on a total of 5 different beaches and saw things that we'd never seen before; everything from caves, a small waterfall, to a cat on a leash. No kidding, a cat on a leash on the beach. Wish we had taken a picture of it.

The weather was pretty cooperative. We only had two half days of rain but were still able to get out before/after. And the last day was the best with a high of 74 with sun and some clouds. That's why I foolishly didn't bother to put any sunblock on, even though I knew better. My face got it the worst and didn't really start bothering me until we got home. I felt like I was on fire and my face is all puffy. Mr. Sol and I really do not get along very well at all.

Also, one upsetting incident is when my daughter dropped her camera in the water and sand. She was trying to get her wet shoe off and it fell out her pocket and made a splash. The water wasn't deep but it still got wet. She opted not to put in the case because well you know, mothers don't know anything. Dear hubby ran to the market to buy some rice and after I took the battery and card out, we buried it in rice. I read that if you drop your cell phone, ipod, or camera in water, put it in rice for 24 hours to pull the moisture out. The battery turned out ok and the card is still good but the lens will not stay out enough to take a picture. So we'll be finding a camera repair shop this week sometime.

Our dog Nellie missed us a lot though and she's been either sleeping or following me around all day.

Well, back to the daily grind.


ethelmaepotter! said…
Welcome home.
Good hint about the camera and rice - who knew? My Fred dropped mine a few weeks ago, not into water, but on the hardwood floor, with the zoom lens out. It now refuses to do ANYTHING, and repair would have been as costly as buying a similar camera! So, of course, we just bought a new camera.
Cat on a leash? Oh, yes, I've seen it. My daughter uses leashes on both her cats on the rare occasions when they go outside. Scarf, the older cat HATES outside and stays close to her legs, very obedient. But Tuesday, the EVIL CAT, immediately and continuously runs the length of the leash, gets strangled, and then tries to chew through the thing.
Have you ever seen a child on a leash? I was appalled the first time I saw that.
kden said…
Yes, I saw a child on a leash many years ago and was kind of shocked. I saw one recently too and it still makes me do a double take. It makes total sense for their safety, especially if they like to take off and run, but it still looks out of place to me.
Buy Soma said…
I keep wondering about those kids-on-leash. What if there's is an emergency? How can they get away if the adult holding them is trapped? There has to be a better way. What's next, are they going to teach their kids how to roll over and play dead?
Anonymous said…
Welcome home M. And who's Mr. Sol?
kden said…
It has many meanings, but this is what I mean:
1. an ancient Roman god personifying the sun.
2. the sun, personified by the Romans as a god.

See, your mama ain't as dumb as she looks.
Nezzy said…
Welcome home. The pictures are beautiful, I really need to get out of these Ozark hills. Besides the neighbor tromp child upstairs sounds like you had a wonderful time. My 80 yr. old Dad in southern TX walks his cat on a leash. I laugh at him but there is a leash law. On pets not children. Have just a great evening.
Nezzy said…
Thanks for sharing your bird story. Gods creatures always amaze me. Have a good one!
Susan said…
You're red, sore from the burn, and working on repairing the camera - but, you're home safe and sound. Welcome back. It's nice to meet you. :))

It must have be quite adventurous exploring all those beaches and discovering new things. I wish I could have been there with you. It sounds like a lot of fun and the photos look so inviting!

I have 3 indoor cats who are always trying to get outside. I may consider putting them on a leash and taking them for a walk. What a sight that would be - an older woman walking her 3 fur babies. Hehehehe.

I hope your sunburn and puffiness fade soon and is replaced with a beautiful tan.
Vacation is always fun. Your pictures are beautiful. Good luck on the camera.

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