Hittin' The Road

Our vacation is finally here and not a moment too soon. Last year we only got a few weekends to work with and this year we get 5 whole days; away from work, neighbors, and little old ladies I love but need to get away from for awhile.

We're heading to the Oregon Coast, but more specifically Cannon Beach and Manzanita. The picture is from Manzanita and that's where we will be staying right across the street from the beach. Cannon Beach is great but it seems like big corporations are taking over the mom and pop motels and prices are getting higher and higher. Our last few visits we have been staying in a cabin there but wanted something different this year. So Manzanita here we come!

The weather looks like it will be around 70 and rainy but it will be a welcome relief to the high 90's we've had.

I hope I will have nothing to complain about regarding the trip; but then you wouldn't have anything fun to read so I will try and accommodate you when I get back.


Nezzy said…
I am so happy for you yet a bit jealous. You have a great vacation and here's prayin' that you have wonderfully gracious neighbors on this trip. God speed!!!
anml_lvr said…
I LOVE the Oregon Coast! Don't you?!

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