The Hatfields and McCoys-I'm A Big Scaredy Cat

Remember the pictures I took of my neighbors' dogs for evidence? Well, Saturday morning I received a call from an animal control officer and he told me the pictures were good and that he could use them to order a fine for the dogs running at large.

"BUT", he said, "if he asks who took them we have to tell him and if he contests it in court then you will have to go as a witness"


I stuttered and stammered but eventually said to go ahead with the issuing of the fine. As soon as I hung up my gut started knotting up and I started pacing. I had no idea when this would happen but I was getting more scared by the minute. I went outside to hang clothes up on the line. I heard him outside his gate telling another neighbor that his dogs got out again but it would be the last time. He was putting cement where they have been digging out.

What have I done? Finally I told my husband that I didn't think I could do it, I just felt so sick. He suggested to try and reach the officer before it was too late. It took me a long time to get through and then I had to leave him a voice mail. Oh crap, it's too late I thought!

After we returned from home from dinner the officer had left a message saying that it was ok, he understood, and he would be keeping on eye on the house. He said he drives this road everyday and that if he saw them out and picked them up, then it wouldn't be on me. He said to still send in a complaint form to code enforcement if I wanted to. But still, if it goes to court then I have to still be a witness.

There are times when I think I'm so tough. And I am when it comes to someone's safety. If someone were picking on my daughter I wouldn't hesitate to jump in the circle of fire. But this feels different I guess. I don't like confrontations, especially with someone I'm not fond of but try to be nice to.

So I sit here licking my fur and trying to be a nice kitty and what do I get out of it? Furballs I tell ya, furballs.

I'll be taking a vacation soon so when I get back I will contemplate sending in the code enforcement complaint. Or I'll just sit here and mew.


Fine Life Folk said…
I also don't like dogs at large. I don't even have a dog pet. However, that all will change in a month's time when I finally get baby Lancaster -- a Japanese Spitz.

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