The Hatfields and McCoys--The End

I'm sure you're as tired of reading about my neighborhood woes as I am writing about them. So this is the last entry for a good long time I hope.

I was in my backyard last night talking to my mom on the phone. I could see my neighbor pacing around his backyard, cussing, hitting the fence and just in general being an ass. I got off the phone but didn't want to just get up and run in the house like the little scaredy cat that I am. So I did what any normal person would do; pretend that I was still on the phone in hopes that he would go away.

But noooooo, that wouldn't happen. He started yelling at me, calling me a bitch and told me to 'bring it'. He said he had a lawyer and was going to file a suit against me for harassment. He listed every grievance I had ever done towards him, including a phone call about 3 years ago asking him nicely if he could change his porchlight because it was going out and flickering right outside our bedroom window. It looked like lightning in the room. I didn't know they were on vacation and just got home shortly after my call and changed it. We even chatted about it later. Now he said he still had the tape and that was considered harassment. He also said the whole neighborhood was against me. He polled them down the street to ask them if his dogs bothered them. Well, that was stupid in the first place. If they're not sleeping in my bedroom or hanging out in my backyard, of course they are not going to bothered by them. So in their eyes, I'm picking things apart.

He even knew when we were going on vacation and I admit that really creeped me out. He said I would have a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home. I asked him if he was threatening me because it sure felt like it. I went in the house shaking so bad I could hardly walk. I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest.

I went downstairs and tried to compose myself thinking, what in the hell am I going to do now. I imagined going to court and taking more of his abuse and lies along with his 'evidence' of harassment.

A few minutes later the phone rang and I had a feeling it was him. He was totally different and asked if we could talk and put an end to this. I invited him over to my backyard so he came over. He apologized for everything and said he was doing everything he could to stop the dogs from barking. He was working on getting rid of a few of them, including his first and my favorite of them all. He bought a bark collar for Shithead.

I asked him what the threat of a 'nice surprise' was. He said he was going to put a letter of apology in our mailbox while were were gone so we would be 'nicely surprised' when we got home. Well if that is a person's intention why would you yell and use it as a threat. He said it was my perception. Yea well, I've got a lot of perception alright.

I asked him how he knew we were going on vacation because I had only told one person in the neighborhood. He said people just tell him things and he doesn't even talk to the family that I told. He said the husband doesn't like him. Gee, wonder why.

We did have a pleasant talk though and he said he was glad that we were doing it. I asked him if he would remember it though, because he had been drinking. We shook hands several times and agreed to keep the lines of communication open. He promised that he wouldn't do anything to hurt my family or home; he's just not like that. So we'll see how it plays out.

I'm just tired and want it to be over. It's stressful to me and my family so enough is enough.


ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh goodness, what a nightmare! Like you, I certainly hope this is the end of it, but, as it seems you live next door to PsychoNeighbor, I rather doubt you've seen or heard the last of it. Good luck.
Nezzy said…
I am sooo glad that we are blessed with good neighbors here on the Ponderosa, with the exception of the marijuana growers and the meth cookers. Oh, the fresh air in the country!!! Have a great evening and God bless.
Anonymous said…
This guy sounds like a psycho. I hope you have heard the last from him and his dogs, but somehow I doubt it. Take care - be careful.
What a nightmare....makes me thankful we have good neighbors...Years ago we had some the were less than to be desired.....
Nezzy said…
Just a great big thanks for visiting my blog. Better go check on the neighbors....have a super day!!
Anonymous said…
This guy sounds like he needs to get a grip on things. I WOULDN'T want HIM for a neighbor!

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