Happy Birthday Dear Heart

My daughter just turned 14 today. My gosh, 14 already? So much has changed since then. And considering that I wasn't sure I wanted kids anyway, things have turned out pretty well.

As I've written before I cried for two days when I found out I was pregnant. Not that I didn't want her, but I was scared. Here I was 35 years old and my husband was 48. We just didn't figure that we'd have kids, mainly for financial reasons. We were living in a tiny basement apartment, and it seemed like we were always struggling.

But after I went to the doctor and the test confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and not going through early menopause (which I foolishly thought), I started getting excited. The pregnancy was easy and I felt great up until the last month.

A c-section was planned due to prior surgeries so we arrived at the hospital as instructed before 7:00 am. Due to other c-section emergencies I didn't actually have her until 2:43 in the afternoon. I was hungry but they wouldn't let me eat. I wanted to get up and walk around but I couldn't do that either. So we just sat and waited. My husband, Mr. Squeamish actually came in the OR with me and did fine and was actually able to get a few pictures without fainting.

She was what we call a 'needy child'. We were attached at the hip during the day but she slept fine by herself at night. I became her human pacifier because she refused one. Once she finally got the hang of it, we couldn't get it away from her until she was about 4. She loved walking in one of those snuggli things but you had better get her in fast because she screamed the whole time until you started moving. I tried one of those scarf/blanket things which allows the baby to lie down against your body. Ha, try using one of those when your baby has reflux and you're jostling her around while walking. That thing lasted about a day.

Potty training wasn't happening very fast until a friend came over who was just recently trained and they went to the bathroom together. She got it ever since. Well there was that one time when she pooped her pants because she thought the fan in the bathroom was a monster so she wouldn't go in there.

First there was day care and then school. Every year she would cry about having to move on to the next level. That hasn't changed much, she still doesn't want to move on. When she was in the 1st grade her teacher told us she was honor roll material. My husband beamed but I thought, have you seen her handwriting? Her reading isn't so hot either. But she was right, every year consistently since 4th grade she has been a 4.0 student.

We've been called her grandparents more than once but she is quick to set them straight.

She has two much older brothers that have adored her since the beginning and they have been a great help in making her a well rounded person.

We've gone from that tiny basement to owning our own home and I wouldn't change anything, even as hard as it was in the beginning. I'm excited for her to start high school next month but also feeling older myself. I feel like every year she has a birthday I have one too.

No more birthday parties either, I'm partied out. Tonight we're going to dinner and she's bringing two friends. Nice and low key. But what she doesn't know is what they do for birthday people at this place ;-) Mmmmmwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa.

Happy Birthday Missy, I'm glad your my kid and not someone else's, or I'd be jealous.


anml_lvr said…
That post is very well done M. I just love it!

~Your Dear Heart~
Lovely post..
Happy Birthday to your baby
ethelmaepotter! said…
Happy 14th to a lovely young lady - with each passing year, may you grow lovelier, happier, healthier and wealthier, and more like your wonderful mother!

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