Costo Sells Caskets?

Don't you love it when you're just researching something online and all of a sudden you discover something that leaves you totally Gobsmacked?

I was on Costco's website researching digital cameras. I just found out that the camera my daughter took swimming in the Pacific ocean suffered too much damage and is unrepairable. I'm looking at all the different departments and see one for funerals. Huh? Funerals? So I click on caskets and find some beauties for sale. Personally I like this little pink one. It's called Kentucky Rose. Who would not want to spend eternity packed inside this? It's only $1499.99 and includes shipping and handling. This cute little thing can even be delivered to your home in three business days. And if you're not satisfied you can return it to any Costco warehouse.

You know, this could be a lot of fun. Order casket, lie in it for awhile, and then drive it up to your nearest store. Tell them that you found it too confining and a bit uncomfortable. Say you're claustrophobic too and that you don't think this will do long-term, then ask if they have anything a little roomier and airier. Or maybe something with a view.

Just a few strange thoughts swimming around my head today.

FYI: They also sell urns and pet urns. Just in case you were wondering.


Anonymous said…
OK, so what do they do with the casket you returned? Do they have to sell it as a "used" casket? And if so, who would buy a used one? Can you imagine justifying it to the bereaved family. "But it was a steal - less than half price!" Next we will be finding them at the local Goodwill!
ethelmaepotter! said…
Okay, now this is just plain weird. And suppose you don't like it and return it? Wonder if Costco tells the next purchaser that they're getting a "slightly used" casket?
Strange times we live in.
Grumpy said…
Coming soon to your local WalMart.
Daryl said…
Too much ...

And thanks for visiting, I love sharing my take on a fabulous city!
Anonymous said…
Costco has been doing this for half a decade... with little to no sales. Besides, while funeral homes must take third party caskets, they have to take them the way they "usually get them delivered." So unless your funeral home USUALLY gets Fed Ex'd a boxed casket, which they have to open, de-box, throw away wrapping, etc. (which ISN'T the way caskets are normally delivered) they DON'T have to accept a WalMart casket.

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