Where Is Your Mother???

Last week I was sitting in my backyard enjoying the beautiful evening. We live on a corner so I'm able to see cars driving by and the alley entrance across the street.

I saw this little girl about 4 years old approaching the end of the alley on her bike. She got to the street and yelled back for someone to join her. Then along came this little boy, he was maybe 2 1/2. I thought to myself, "No way are you two little people going to cross the street!" But they sure did; across the street they came, ready to come into my alley. I had never seen them before but several new families had recently moved down the next street. Incidentally, it's the same alley where the moose rested up a bit on the 4th.

So I run down my alley and ask them if their mom knew they were down this far. No, they said, she's downstairs. So I told them they better get back home and I was going to walk them home. The little guy's handlebar fell off his trike so I picked it up and carried it.

As we get to the middle of the alley I asked him where they live. He points to a blue house. "That's your house?", I double checked.

"No", said the little girl, "We like to pretend we don't live there", as she points to another house.

OK, I can understand that. The backyard had tall brown dead grass and dirty toys and garbage strewn about. I knocked on the back door several times and the little boy kept saying, "No, not the back door." I followed him around the house to the front door and it was wide open. I know it was hot that day but wide open, no screen, with little ones living there? The front door is literally feet from a busy 2-lane one-way street. I knocked hard several times and she never came. I told him to go downstairs and tell his mom that there was a lady upstairs. And the hot lady was still carrying the broken trike.

When she came to the door with a puzzled look I told her that I just wanted to let her know where her kids were. When I told her, she was flabbergasted. She was obviously upset and ran out the backdoor to find her daughter who was still wheeling around the alley. I came around the side of the house again to join her in the alley and showed her where I lived and where they were. She explained that they were not supposed to go as far as the perimeters that she had set up for them.

Now I was flabbergasted. She was downstairs not hearing anything and relying on the judgment of two babies to keep themselves safe. She yelled at them for not listening to her but I think she's the one that needs a little scolding. It's scary to think of what could have happened to them. They could have been hit, or worse, taken. Our town is not like it used to be. There's a lot of creepy, scary things that go on here. And now it appears you have to watch out for moose too before you leave your house.

Maybe I should have called the police but they take too long anyway and their safety was more important than getting anyone in trouble. And I haven't seen the kids since so maybe they're sticking closer to home.

It's just one of those things that make you shake your head in wonder.


ethelmaepotter! said…
Those children were lucky YOU were the one who spotted them and were kind enough to take them home. I do hope Mom has learned her lesson.
A moose on the loose could have been the very least of their concerns.
Pyzahn said…
Yikes. I saw a young boy walking alone at a strip mall the other day. I watched him for a while to see if someone joined him. I asked if he was with someone and he just looked startled and nodded. I was going to approach him but in the current culture of teaching kids to scream if a stranger comes near them, I decided to back off. He finally entered a restaurant and I didn't see him on the news so I assume all was well.

There's so much weirdness in the world today it's hard to decide the right thing to do.

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