My Perception Was Wayyyyy Off

Do you ever have those times when you perceive something to be a certain way and then you find out different and the situation is wayyyy off than what you originally thought? I had one of those moments the other morning.

I took my dog for a walk early before it got hot. The first part of walk heads right into the sun and even with my sunglasses on, I can't see clearly. About a block in front of me, heading my way, I saw what I thought was one of those teens that dresses in those-long-black-baggy-pants-with-chains-dangling-off-the-side. My daughter and I call them Halloween People.

Then I saw an elderly woman walking towards him and they stopped to talk. "Well, he must be a nice kid regardless of how he dresses", I thought to myself. As they parted and I hit a patch of shade where I could see better, this Halloween Teen turned into a Monk who was taking his morning walk and returning to the Monastery that I had just passed. What I was seeing was his brown robe and tie as opposed to baggy pants and chains.

I almost wet myself from the shock of how he transformed himself! Talk about feeling stupid; and trying not to laugh as I passed him wasn't easy. Oh, if he only knew what I was thinking of him ;-)

I mean really, how could I have confused the two? I guess I'll have to blame it on the sun and lack of sleep from my neighbors' barking dogs.


anml_lvr said…
That's soooo funny. I call those people "Halloween People" also! Isn't that a coincidence?
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh, this is too funny! And it reminds me of a similar situation in reverse from ages ago: I was sitting at a red light in Nashville and saw, in the car on the other side of the road, waiting to come toward me, a passenger I was sure was a nun. When the light turned green and we passed each other, I took a closer look. The "nun" was a huge dalmation with a white bandaged head!
That is funny. Who knows, those Monks can get mighty rowdy I hear.

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