A Moose In The 'Hood On The 4th

I guess it was a good day to stay home. My husband was doing yard work in the back yard and I was in the house. He ran in to say there was a moose on the loose. A couple of women had driven by in their van and told him. I grabbed my camera and he yelled downstairs to our daughter who of course didn't believe him.....well just because he's her father.

They were reluctant to follow me but I'm not scared of a little ol' moose. We walked down the alley across the street from our house and this woman pulled in the alley and into her parking area. We weren't quite to her house yet, when she came into the alley yelling, "There was a moose in my yard!"

He had come out of her yard and into the yard of the house next door where I got these shots. He's hot, tired, and thirsty. The local news team showed up and by then the moose had traveled across another busy street into another yard. The news team interviewed my daughter and a couple of other people. We waited a long time for other help to arrive but since it's the 4th, who knows when that will come. The Keystone Cops are still stationed at the corner deterring looky-loos from stopping and they get might irritated when someone wants to take a picture.

But heck, it's not everyday that a moose stops by to visit. We are not exactly a rural part of town. Before he crossed here, he made his way across another busy street, through a park and rested a bit in the high school's football field. Too bad the pool's fence was too high or he could have gone for a swim too.

Poor thing, I hope he has a nice rest and then is taken somewhere safe.


Was the moose ill?
It looked a bit tired
kden said…
Not ill that I knew of. He had quite a trek and it was 90 degrees out. They finally darted him later in the afternoon and took him somewhere to be released.
Glad to hear that, thanks
ethelmaepotter! said…
A rare experience, indeed! Almost exactly two years ago, while vacationing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, my daughter looked high and low for moose, but, alas, we never spotted one. We DID, however, have a huge BEAR mosey out in the road just ahead of us in downtown Franconia!

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