Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

When my 13 y/o daughter returned from her DC/NY trip we got together with her teacher and another student and put all of the pictures on a CD so everyone could have a variety of shots. Great idea since my daughter didn't want to be bothered with taking pictures of the Statue of Liberty. She still hasn't lived that one down yet. "Yea, let's spend 1800 bucks, go to New York and not take pictures of the Statue."

As we started looking at them my daughter's shots looked pink in comparison to the others. I asked her why they were so pink. She claimed it was a cloudy day and she didn't have her 'cloudy day' setting on.

OK..........I thought, but still wasn't convinced that something was just not set right. So last night, I grab her camera and start looking around at her settings. I don't know how it happened but the camera was set with a pink filter. I mean, who would intentionally set their camera with a pink filter??? I know she didn't do it on purpose but how in the heck did it get changed? She had just taken pictures prior to leaving and they were fine.

So enjoy my pink little girl in front of the pink little fountain and the big pink church.

It's just a good thing that we didn't send her to see the Pope or something really important.


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