The Hatfields and McCoys--Pt. 2

The Saga Continues. You might recall my on-going love/hate relationship with my neighbors and their dogs; I love to hate them.

Since my call to animal control I really didn't know whatever came of my complaint of too many dogs next door. So I called them to inquire about what had been done. I was told that they couldn't do anything about the 'over the limit' and that I needed to contact Code Enforcement. So why was I told just the opposite; that they would take care of it? As I'm voicing my frustration we decided that I should file a complaint against them for the barking. If nothing changed after that I then had the option of getting at least two other neighbors along with me to petition and then they would be fined for it. Well I guess I'm the only one who is bothered this much by the barking so I know that's as far as it will go in that direction. I asked two other neighbors and nobody really wanted to join in the fun. Besides, with a petition we are no longer anonymous. I wasn't crazy about that idea either.

In another call I found out that they were visited in person the very next day and served with the complaint. I guess I was surprised to hear this because nothing has changed. I also found out that they have been warned about letting their dogs run at large. That was from a call I made using someone else's name. I know, I'm bad.

I am in the process of filling out papers to send to Code Enforcement for over the limit of animals, noise, and general nuisance. I'm going to wait until we get back from vacation until I send them though for obvious reasons; our house will be unoccupied and vulnerable to mad neighbors.

But this morning I was in hog heaven when I saw at my back gate, four of their dogs. They had dug out again. I called animal control and was told that they were not coming out anymore to give a warning. If I could take pictures of them and email them in, they could be fined $103.00 per dog. Can you say Cha-ching? What a great way to help the local animal shelter by turning in your neighbors ;-)

After I had sent my email I went outside and there was a girl from a few blocks away with one of the dogs on a leash. She was trying to get her back in the yard as all four of them were clear over at her house. I told her I really couldn't help because the gates were locked. Biscuit came up to my side and didn't want to leave. She is my favorite of all of them but I'm afraid not the smartest tool in the shed. So I told the girl to do whatever she had to do, whether take the dogs home and call animal control or just leave them be in the alley.

This is the one I call Shit Head. He's a meany and does most of the barking. I didn't get a real good face shot of Biscuit or I'd show you. She was the first one they got and with some training could have been a very cool dog. If we didn't have Nellie, I wouldn't mind taking Biscuit.

See, I really am an animal lover, it's people that I have problems with. And I know when my neighbor gets a fine for over 400 bucks, something bad is going to hit the fan.

Stay tuned as the story unfolds.....


ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh, this is getting good! And I love your justification about helping out the animal shelter; I absolutely agree.
Good luck!

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