The Deal Of The Century

No complaining today folks, nooosireeeebob. I just made a deal through Craiglist that tops any deal I have ever made.

My daughter will be starting high school next month and one of the required items for math is a TI-84 Plus calculator. They run about 120-130 bucks new, so of course the first place I try is eBay. There are plenty to choose from but they seem like a popular item right now and I'm afraid that the price will be out of range if I get outbid more than once. I then go to my local Craiglist and do a search for the calculator. There were about 4 of them listed fairly recently but only one that had the book, both cords and instructional cd. And he was asking less than the others, only 30 bucks.

He had left his phone number so I called, praying that he still had it. Sure 'nuff, he did. He lives in the next state over though, so I talked him into shipping it to me if I Paypaled him the money right away, adding an extra 5 for the shipping charges. That was Monday night and it came today by the man in Brown.

This young man will never know how much we appreciate his willingness to trust someone from out of town. I'm just glad he had a Paypal account, it made the transaction so much smoother. And the fact that it was 100 bucks off made the deal so much sweeter.

I've had some problems with eBay but never any using Craiglist, and have bought and sold some nice things. We even posted and found a relief driver for my husband and his work partner. Remember Poor Larry?

So if you're ever in need of something or want to sell something, give Craiglist a try.

PS...Larry is still with us although he's still messing up some. But we are going on vacation in a few weeks and as long as he hangs around until then I'm good.


anml_lvr said…
Thank-you very much for the calculator!
Anonymous said…
I still don't know how to use it! I probably should learn huh?
ethelmaepotter! said…
Craig's list is great, I agree. Happy you got such a great bargain.

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