My Heart Is Home

We picked up this tired little girl from the airport last night. All of the kids looked exhausted and like they didn't plan on traveling in the near future. She slept for 10 hours last night and is taking a nap now.

I asked her if she had the opportunity to do it again would she? She said no because of the scheduling they keep you on, going from 7am to 10pm. They didn't really get to linger in a place because they had to keep moving on to the next. They really didn't even have much time for shopping but she managed to grab a couple of t shirts, a sweatshirt, couple of ball caps and a key chain for me, that's all I asked for.

But I have to add this because she knows I will anyway whether she wants me to or not ;-) They were getting on the foot ferry to head to Ellis Island and she didn't want to go through another security check so she left her purse on the bus. Of course this purse contained her camera. So I believe she is the only person in the UNIVERSE that has ever visited the Statue of Liberty without a camera. I mean, the biggest icon of the United States and the girl doesn't want a picture of it.

Her teacher took plenty of pictures of the whole trip so tomorrow we're going to the school and anyone who wants to share their shots with anyone else can come and swap. I told her I was going too so I can assure that get some shots of the statue and anything that she didn't want to bother with.

Did you take pictures of China Town and the neat storefronts? Uuuuh no, I hated Chinatown.

Did you get pictures of your neat motel rooms? Oh, I didn't think about that.

Did you take any pictures of the subway? No.

Why is there only one shot of you in front of a landmark? Oh, I forgot.

No shots of Ground Zero? No it's too sad and I don't want a reminder.

But all-in-all she had a good time, made some new friends from other groups and took a trip that many of us never will. She did also manage to send postcards to all family members and friends that helped her reach her goal.

I'm glad she's home.
I should clarify that she did take quite a few shots. The flags at the U.N. were beautiful. She took some wonderful shots of a beautiful church (she can't remember the name) and some interesting architectural ones. She just didn't take pictures of things that I would find interesting but I have to remember that even though she is very mature for her age, she sees things as a kid and that's cool with me.

But shot of the Statue would have been nice. I'm just sayin'.


ethelmaepotter! said…
I can't believe she didn't get any pictures!
So happy for you that your heart made it safely back in her rightful place on the planet.
anml_lvr said…
Yea but I got a couple now. So Ha Ha Ha!

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