I Sent My Heart To DC

Yesterday my husband and I put our 13 year old daughter on a plane to start her DC/NY Smithsonian Student Travel trip. She is traveling with 5 other kids from her school, a teacher and a mother of one of the kids.

We started working for this trip soon after the school year started last fall. We have done car washes (in tandem with Safeway to raise money for breast cancer awareness), candy sales, pizza coupon sales and making cell phone charms to sell. We did this all as a family, not as a group. Many kids didn't sign up until the last minute so we couldn't do any group fund raisers. With the generosity of friends, family, and my husband's boss, she was able to go.

This is a trip that my husband and I will probably never get to do so we're very happy that she made it. They're going to be kept very busy and I'm not sure I would be able to keep up with the schedule. You can see her itinerary here.

I miss her though; badly. My husband works nights so now I'm alone. No one to talk to about the news, funny things we see on the internet, school crushes, and life in general. We are very close and I feel like I have sent a piece of me across the United States and I won't feel complete again until she comes home.

No one to say goodnight to. No one to coax out of bed in the morning. No one to remind to feed the bird or fold the laundry. This weekend is going to be the worst though. I might have to spend time talking to......gasp.......my husband. We don't see each other much anymore due to his work schedule, but I'm used to that now. I am feeling the idea of what it's going to be like in four short years when she graduates from high school and moves away to college. I don't like it very much.

I sent my cell phone with her so she will call every night, and we will be able to hear about her exciting day. And I'm sure she will get some amazing pictures. She's got a better digital camera than I do!

So, hurry home Faithiekins, I miss you.


ethelmaepotter! said…
Well, THIS is a familiar story. My first taste of the empty nest came with the DC trip, too! Let's hope your daughter's is not quite as eventful as mine - the first call we had was not from her, but from one of the chaperones, who had accompanied her to the hospital (!) after she had been hit by a swinging door. She had a mild concussion and required five stitches and completely missed the Capitol tour. So, on top of separartion anxiety, I had to deal with the knowledge that my daughter was in a strange hospital, without her mommy!
Cherish all the time you have together, coz it's never enough!
Jim said…
Kay, I agee with you entirely. When you left home your parents missed you and probably didn't let you know. I found out later how much Dad did miss me. We lived on a farm so were doing things together a lot.

When our Karen was at college she had a terrible time waking up. We went to Target and got her the loudest alarm clock we could find.
That clock still didn't wake her up and I ended up calling her with a wake up call every morning.
Now she is 33 and gets up early by herself. Sometimes she is at work by six. She is a work-a-holic and never ever gets home before six, many times it is close to midnight.
I am curious as to how long it took you to get my site up on your dial up? I have cut the number of posts shown as each picture can take over a minute on a slow day.
We didn't travel for a long time in our marriage except for vacations to see relatives and stops along the way. You will get there but start when you can as when you get old you won't be able to again.
anml_lvr said…
Well, I'm home now. I'm here to remind you to not forget things!

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