The Hatfields and McCoys

I knew I would do this before summer was over but didn't know when it would happen. I was scared to do it but sometimes you can only take so much before you snap. Today was the day. Every single morning I am awakened by our neighbors' dogs; one, two, three and sometimes all five of them barking before 5:00 am.

The two newest little yappers are doxies who are cuter than heck but also bark more than shithead, who I despise. They are also tiny and get out a lot. They dig under the fence and get into our yard. Last night they had to retrieve her from somewhere outside the fence. And this morning the other doxie was barking, continually for hours. I got up before 5:00 and looked through the fence. She was barking toward the fence on the other side of the yard so I knew the other one had got through into the other neighbor's yard. If I turn the hose on and squirt the fence the barking will stop for awhile, but not this morning.

So I calmy waited until the local Humane Society opened and filed a complaint against them for having 5 dogs when 3 is the limit. They've had the newest yappers since last fall, in hopes of giving them to a relative. That fell through so they were stuck with them. And then recently one of them had 3 puppies. So I guess if you want to get technical they have 8 dogs.

I've tried to talk to him about the dogs' barking before but all he did was yell at me and tell me I complained more than anybody he knew. So what choice did I have? Although they don't tell who made the complaint he is still probably smart enough to figure out it was me. The lady on the other side of him is old and deaf and probably can't hear anything. So what pleasantries we were having between us will be gone I'm sure. It's going to be very uncomfortable around here for a long time I'm afraid. He wants to get rid of one of the bigger dogs who doesn't bark much at all but his wife won't let him. She can't have kids and I believe these fur babies are her kids now. And now she's going to be devastated to have to get rid of a few but geez, start taking responsibility for what you've got. They both work full time, they don't even have a yard, it's trashed. Their fence is all gnawed and broken because of the many escape attempts. My husband and I have saved their lives more than once by putting them back into the yard after getting out. We've got one dog to take care of, I don't need more to chase around. And now my dog won't go outside unless I go with her, she's that scared of them.

So enough is enough and let the chips fall where they may. I'm too tired to even care anymore.


Anonymous said…
Good for you! You have to stand up for yourself; otherwise they will continue to BREAK THE LAW forever! The law limits people to three dogs for a good reason.
Signe said…
I love dogs and hate for anything bad to happen to them (or any animal...I'm a softie). Our pets are rescues.
BUT in your case, a little bb gun can do wonders ;)

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