Great Customer Service, Bitchy Customer

I know you all probably think ALL I do is bitch. Most of the time no, but there are days..... And then I must write before I break a vessel in my head.

My husband wrote an ebook about 5 years ago and sales won't pay the mortgage payment but they are slow and steady. He sucks at using the computer and so every time a book is sold I always write and thank them and ask them to please let us know if they run into any difficulty in downloading the book or bonuses.

Occasionally someone will ask for a refund for some reason or another but it doesn't happen very often. About a month ago a woman bought the book and wrote that the page wouldn't open on her computer and "What do I do?"

I wrote very specific directions on how to get the page to open it, I had no trouble opening it from her email. The email bounced back as undeliverable and no account found. GREAT...I tried again, bounced again and then one more time. Well there's not much more I can do about it.

Just today I get another email from her saying, "I have emailed several times...I ordered your online book and I still cannot download it from your website. I want a credit for the $18.97 that was charged to my credit card. If I don't get an answer from you I will file this with the Better Business Bureau."

Now, this kind of stuff really frosts me. I wrote back saying that my emails (with detailed instructions) had bounced several times and can I still help to get the page to her. I then found a copy of a bounced email and passed it on so she wouldn't think I was a liar.

Her answer was short, "just send me a refund, I really wanted to read this book." Well SHIT lady, I am trying to help you. Learn how to copy and paste a URL and the page will open if you can't click on it. Don't tell me you'll call the BBB just because you don't know how to open a web page!!!

Another time I issued a refund and thought nothing more about it. While we were on vacation, she emailed and asked where the refund was and that she was going to call BBB (powerful people those BBB people are, they can work frickin' miracles) if we didn't issue it. I spent more time during that trip looking back through all of my emails and PayPal getting the exact date of refund and then kindly told her that I have feelings too and didn't appreciate being accused of scamming people.

It's not the money, it the principle that we work hard to build up a business and then with a few emails they can crush you. I am just way too sensitive (another surprising thing about me you didn't know) and take things too personal. It's too easy to be nasty via email and these people never admit when they are in the wrong.

So I will always be nice to you until you threaten me with those mean BBB people.


kaye said…
My husband and I ran an in home business for many years. Most of the patrons were decent, respectable people--but there are always a few who give you grief!

Don't be afraid of the BBB, they are nothing but a scam organization themselves. We had some difficulties with a company that had used the BBB for a reference. After investigating we discovered that the BBB is nothing but an organization that collects money from businesses in exchange for a listing and a reference, it's a form of advertisment. Depending on how much the business pays is how well they are recommended. The BBB is not a consumer advocate, they give no advice. They do log complaints that are filed with the BBB but if the company even makes an attempt at resolution the complaint is removed.

I didn't know this until I was hit by a less than honest door to door salesman who asked us to call the BBB while he stood in the doorway and listened, after the phone call and good recommendation we let him in. After he stiffed us with a defunct product and called the BBB back--that's when I learned the truth about the BBB. We had to go through the State Consumer Advocates Office for redress.
kden said…
Thanks for that bit if enlightenment kaye. It makes sense. I had a company rip me of for over 2400.00 several years ago. By the time I reached the BBB in their state several complaints had been logged. Oh sure, they made the general inquiries but since they never got a response, it was dropped. Our local powers to be couldn't even help since the BBB had no luck. Live and learn.
Elle said…
Some people are just plain rude no matter what. Try not to let a few stupid people ruin your day. At least that's what I try to tell myself when I have to deal with stupid people.
sen and qi said…
I used to run a health food store and oh my dayz i have seen some dragons in my lifetime. lovely blog may I add.

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