Grandma Wii's in Rehab

My mom is still in rehab following her surgery a month ago. She's doing better although has had a setback with irritated intercostal muscles and this has slowed down her physical therapy a bit. Yesterday we set up a time for the physical therapist to set us up with a rousing couple of bowling games on their Wii. Grandma got a whole lot more fun to visit when my daughter found out that the therapy room had one. So my daughter and Grandma rolled some bowling balls down the lane. The first game the Physical Therapist won, Daughter second and Grandma last by one point. The second game my husband stepped in for the Physical Therapist and Grandma beat them both.

We all had a good time and some laughs. Who knows if she stays much longer, maybe we can try boxing. I have a husband I'd like to challenge to that.


Paul Rogers said…
Looks like she is enjoying her therapy. Glad to see the big smile.

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