My mom has been in a rehab facility now for almost two weeks. Therapy is going well and she has minimal complaints; really ;-) Overall I think it's a good facility and she could probably be released in 2-3 weeks.

But if I'm dead of exhaustion by then who knows what will happen to her. I have two brothers but only one that lives in town. We split going to her house everyday to water and pick up mail. I'm not really sure why we have to go everyday but we do. It's a really nice mobile home community and I don't think any of the over-55 gangs are out looting mailboxes. At first I was happy to pick up whatever she needed to make her more comfortable but now I'm so tired of making the trip 3xweek. It's not like she lives out of town or anything but it's still getting to be a grind. And then I visit her 6xweek. I don't go Friday's, well.....just because. The lady I work for sucks the life out of me and by Friday I have nothing left to give.

Plus the last two days I've been spinning in my own little Vertigorious world. I don't feel really bad but walk and feel like I've had a couple of beers.

I'm too tired to blog, obviously from the date of my last post. Too tired to get out and take pictures and am resorting to taking shots of flowers in my own backyard. Too tired to really give a crap anymore, about anything. Too tired to walk my dog in the evenings and she's totally miffed at me. I feel like I'm being pulled like taffy in many directions.

I know things will get better in a few weeks although I will have to go to her house more than I used to. That's just the way it is and every child faces that sooner or later in their life. Unless you chose to move out of town years ago like my little brother. And we always thought he was the dumb one, ha.

I'm too tired to finish any thoughts I may have had, so goodnight.


Hang in there. It is hard when parents get older. Get some rest
Signe said…
It does sound tough. I hope you get some relief sooner rather than later.

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