Where Are My Eggs?

I like to buy Easter candy...after Easter. I mean half-off, how can you beat that? I bought candy for my daughter for Easter and she doesn't share, so my husband and I have to resort to thievery while she's at school to get any candy. While buying groceries last week, I bought a couple of Cadbury w/caramel eggs, just for me. I contemplated giving one to my husband but wasn't committed to it yet. I hid them in the fruit basket because I knew no one would look there.

Friday night my daughter went to work with my husband for the first half of his shift and I was settling in to have my favorite dinner....popcorn. You just haven't lived until you have a large bowl of popcorn with butter and Johnny's popcorn salt. Oh, but don't forget to add the M&M's or any other kind of chocolate. That's what I wanted the eggs for.

Before I put the pan on to pop the corn I dig around in the oranges and apples to find my eggs. They're not there. I can feel my pulse in my ears and steam starting to rise. HUSBAND, I immediately thought. I called him and yelled in the phone "I've got one question for you, did you eat my eggs? Poor guy never knew what hit him. My daughter could even hear me yelling through the phone. He pleaded innocent and handed the phone to my daughter. I went on and on about her getting her own candy for Easter so there was no reason for her to be eating mine. She pleaded innocent too so I got mad and hung up.

I settled for M&M's but until they got home I was trying to figure out what in the heck would have happened to them. Robbery? Robbers that only like Easter eggs and not my new CD's of Queen and Moody Blues? No, probably not. Then I thought what if I had hid them again and just can't remember where I put them. I do that all the time. I will buy early presents for my daughter for her birthday or Christmas and then forget where I hide them. Then I felt bad for yelling at my family.

When they got home we had a good laugh and I told them what might have happened. After my husband left again to finish his shift my daughter was rummaging through a kitchen drawer to get something and she yells out "I found your eggs, and I WILL accept your apology." So I'm looking at my precious eggs and for the life of me I can't remember putting them in there. It was only the day before, how can I forget something that quickly?

So all throughout the weekend they were walking around the house saying "Where are MY eggs?" and thinking they're soooooooo funny.

I know where they are now and I'm checking on them daily until it's popcorn night again this coming Friday.


At my house an event like that would result in my husband and son pointing out that I need to go to the nursing home for respite care...they think that is soooo funny
Signe said…
Those creme eggs are my favorite (along with peeps)! Sooo good. Last night I had popcorn for dinner, too. Dh was working and I didn't feel like cooking.

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