No Parental Supervision

A few days ago a 14 year old girl disappeared where I live. She was last seen leaving a Walmart and then just disappeared. Alone, this is a sad and frightening story. But when you learn more facts of the story it boggles your mind.

The girl has a mental capacity of an 8 year old. In a news interview with her mother, the mom said that her daughter is addicted to internet chat rooms and calling older men with whom she meets there. Last month the girl logged over 1600 phone calls, some to the same people. On the night she disappeared, she begged her mother to take her to Walmart. While they were there, the girl slipped out, went to a neighboring business and made a phone call. She then walked out of that business, and no one has seen her since. The parents feel that she met one of the men that she has been contacting. At the end of the interview the mom said "I love her, even though she's trouble at times, I love her."

Yea, well obviously not enough to protect her from herself and others who might want to harm her. It hardly needs to be said but I'm going to anyway. Why in the world would these parents not take away her internet or phone privileges when they knew that she was doing something that could harm her? That's what parents are supposed to do, no matter what the age of the child. But for someone who has a mental capacity of 8 they should be extra vigilante.

The girl seems like she was a little smarter than her parents that night to hoodwink them into taking her to Walmart. Uummm, maybe it's the parents who have the diminished mental capacity.


I hope they find her safe. To bad she wasn't better supervised.

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