It's Baaaaaccckkkkk...............

Total rambling today because I feel like crap. On Saturday we cleaned the bathroom walls. My hubby did the ceiling, daughter took the low parts and I did the high parts. Within a few hours of finishing my vertigo had made itself at home in my head again....without asking.

Of course yesterday was Easter and I had big plans. Was going to make a nice brunch to take to my mom's. It still got done, with help from my daughter and husband but I had to send them on without me. And then I had a nice dinner planned and it was too much for hubby to deal with so we had oatmeal. Now, doesn't that sound like a nice Easter dinner?

Hubby tried to take me to two urgent care clinics in the afternoon and they were both closed. So I guess you're not allowed to get sick on Easter.

I was lucky to get a morning appointment at my doctor's office this morning and she basically told me what I already knew; too much fluid in the ear, could be a virus, take Meclezine and Sudafed and it will pass in time. The hard part is waiting. All you can do is basically sit (very still). No reading, no sudden movements, TV is OK, but conversation is difficult. And you know how much my family likes to hear me complain, so they really miss that.

I had to cancel the lady I work for today. It's not a good thing when you're sicker than the 81 year old lady you work for. I hope I can work tomorrow, at her age I can't have her showing me up.

I'm able to type only because I know my finger placement without having to look. 'Cause if I had to look down and up, I'd be in trouble.

I did take a Sudafed and now beginning to feel a little leepy, (loopy) so I better go lie down.


Hope you feel better soon
Annie said…
Holy Hannah.I will never complain about my little dizzy spells again. Hope you are better now.
Signe said…
Oooh, not fun! I hope it eases a bit for ya.

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