I Feel Violated

Today I get this letter from U.S. Bank notifying me that someone has tried to gain access to our accounts and our online access has been frozen. I was instructed to call a certain number for help.

Well, the first thing I think of is, what if this is the scam and by calling this number I may cause a problem when none exists to begin with. So I go to their website and the number matches. It didn't help me feel any better though because I know there is a real problem now.

I talked to a very nice woman who explained that someone, probably from another country had tried to gain access to our accounts. We have a charge account, creditline account, and business checking account. All were safe and nothing was taken. But we still have to open new accounts for each one. That means new credit cards, creditline cards/checks and checking account checks. And then I remember I have payments that are automatically taken out of the checking account and the charge card. I'm scrambling around trying to figure out what to stop and who to notify. What a pain in the Ass.

I am the most cautious person online; I have a McAfee Security on my computer, I don't click on unknown links, delete all spam and phishing emails and subscribe to ScamBusters. I was feeling pretty darn edgeukated. So I'm really upset that this has happened.

I feel fortunate that U.S. Bank has this technology set up to alert customers of a possible breech in our accounts. And maybe I should feel fortunate that for as long as we've had these accounts it's the first time anything like this has ever happened. But the time and energy wasted on this kind of crap really chaps my hide.

While some foreigner is diddling with my account (and probably himself) from a cybercafe somewhere, I'm stuck here trying to put the pieces back together.


Mo said…
Oh yes I know. Drives you crazy all this unnecessary work. Had a trip to New York about 18mths ago. Very cautiously decided to use the money machine inside the bank. Big bank. Being extra careful. Oh no! Uk bank stops the card. Why? Appears within minutes of using the US bank ATM my card was being used in Syria or somewhere like that. So in US with no card. Yep you have my sympathies. A real pain in the a**
anml_lvr said…
Check your spelling on your second word M.
Boy that sucks. Same kind of thing happened to my husband.
kden said…
Thank you daughter for being my spellchecker. I bet that one kept you laughing. Just wait though, I will catch one of yours ;-)
maryt/theteach said…
kden, I know what you mean! Once this happens it's a real pain to fix everything. But not as problematic as if he had gotten into your accounts... :(
Signe said…
Scary stuff! I'm glad they caught it quick enough.
When I first started my blog up, I had it hacked in to. Luckily my dh was able to fix it and nothing more awful happened.

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