Poor Larry

My husband and his work partner Rick were finally able to hire a local guy to be a relief driver. Their employer is based out of state and they have one relief driver to work that area plus another one. He never really has the time to be able to come into our area to help out with vacations, jury duty, or illness when dh or Rick need time off. Last year we had to take our vacations in weekend bites because there was no relief driver. Rick didn't take a vacation at all. Yet.....they are given paid vacations. Go figure.

They started the process with two others but they didn't want to go through the pain it takes to get hired; fingerprints, background check, and many tests to get their cards to go into banks and onto airport runways. Rick and dh are courier drivers and deliver/pick up bank material from banks and two different airports.

Larry went on Rick's route which runs from about 2:30 am to 11:30 am. Then he rode with dh who works from 3:00 pm to 2:00 am. He said that dh's route is much harder and Rick is lazy, ha.

Larry trained for two days and then dh wanted to take a night off to go to our daughter's high school orientation program. He misses out on a lot of things like that and really wanted to be there. So he decided to take a 'sick' day. I asked him if Larry was ready and he said he has been asking him questions about different situations that might come up so he thought he was ready.

The first call came in at 4:45. His first stop is to drive to another town to pick up material at a small airport. He got stuck on the freeway behind two accidents, so was late and the plane came and left without him. I'm not sure where the material was left but obviously things did not get loaded on the plane as it should have. To top it off, it was raining hard that night. As he got back into town, the plane landed but then broke down so another plane had to be chartered to keep delivering. Several calls came in before we left for the school. Dh walked him through the steps in what he had to do. Seems like he forgot a lot.

After we got home, dh called Larry again to see how things were going. More goof ups and explaining. Larry called one more time around ten and after dh explained things again, he told him we were going to bed.

The last call came in at 11:45 pm. The last run of the night is a bank out of town about 2 hours away. Well, somehow he set the bank alarm off and didn't know what to do. Dh told him to call the alarm company and wait for the bank manager to show up to relieve him, and not to leave before that. That was all we heard that night. Apparently the bank manager sent the janitor to come in and reset the alarm. This is a small town.

But next morning, #$%& hit the fan. In the confusion Larry did not pick up what he was supposed to. These people really have a cow when things are not delivered or picked up. So the bank manager calls someone in the company who calls Rick, who calls dh.

Oh man, what a mess we have created just to take one lousy night off. All through the night Larry forgot a lot of things and paperwork was not filed properly. I think Larry needs more training. But all of the bad things that could have happened on any given night, happened to Larry in one night. Rick and my dh agreed that if this stuff had happened to them, they would have quit right there. Although Larry was frustrated and stressed he seems willing to stick it out. Gosh I hope so.

Please Larry don't quit, I really need a vacation this year.


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