Isaiah Gets The Boot

I was reading MSN yesterday when I saw the headline that an actor was facing eviction from his home. Mmmmm, another Ed McMahan story?

What a sad tale indeed when I read that Isaiah Washington and his wife's landlord started an eviction process against them because they are $100,000.00 behind in rent.

Say What?

How does one get so behind on rent? Well, when the rent is $20,000.00 a month, that's how.

That must be some fancy digs in L.A Mr. Washington, to be paying that kind of rent. Holy cow, my husband didn't earn much more than that last year. I can't even fathom paying that much....for anything, let alone rent.

Maybe you and Ed should be roomies.

Maybe you should have been nicer to T.R. Knight, then you would still have a job.

Maybe you and your wife should come and live with me for awhile in my modest home. I will teach you how to live within your means. You can shop with me at the Dollar Store, Walmart, and my grocery store to see how I stretch a dollar. You can sit down with me when I pay my bills to see how everyone gets paid. You can sit and have a home cooked meal instead of going out to eat. You could also wait up until 2:30 in the morning and say hi to my husband when he gets home from work. He's doing what is needed to pay the bills even though the hours and benefits suck.

You do whatever you can Mr. Washington to live according to what you bring in, in order to make ends meet. And sometimes that means going without. So get your butt out of that expensive fancy-ass home and get real. Because apparently you are in the real world now.


Signe said…
Holy crap...$20,000 a month?? That's just ridiculous and unreal. I'd like to have sympathy, but can't quite get there.
About Tina said…
So many people live like this in LA. In these times, I'm so glad I'm super cheap.

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