Note to Self:

Kden, next time hubby wants you to pick up something, tell him to do it himself.

My husband is having little toe problems and will be having surgery in a few weeks to hopefully correct it. He was also without his car today so he asked he if I could just 'swing by' his foot doctor's office and pick up a few more cushion pads for his toe. He had called and asked if he could have a few so I didn't think it would be such a big deal as it was on my home from work.

I walk in and when I finally got to talk to the receptionist I told her what I was there for. She got up and went in the back and came back and said I would have to wait for Michelle and it would be a few minutes. Ten minutes later a women from the back came out and put a magazine back in the rack, walking right past me. I waited another ten minutes and then went to the receptionist and said "I can't wait any longer, I need to go."

She said "Oh, let me go look and see if Michelle is finished."

Out comes the same woman that walked past me in the waiting room. OK, I must be invisible today. I again explained who I am and why I'm there. She has this dumb look on her face and said "Do you know what kind of pad it is, because we have several types?"

I tried to explain it the best I can because I only saw it once. Then she said "We don't have any that look like that."

Blood pressure going up.

The receptionist said "Why don't you show her what you've got."

She brings out a bag full of tube like things that you just cut to fit. I know what they are but said that wasn't it. She huffed and turned around to walk in another room maybe to get some more. Now I'm more mad at my husband than I am at her. He thinks it's so easy just to drop in a place and ask for something, like they are just waiting for him with bated breath.

That's when I snapped, "That's fine, Just forget it, he can suffer." And I stormed out the door. Of course I feel stupid. They must think I'm a bitch and they probably feel sorry for him.

But I was ticked that they made me sit there so long. I told my daughter the other day that patience was not my virtue. And I don't like running errands for somebody when obviously things haven't been made clear to someone. When he was talking to them they should have asked what type they were and put a few in a bag to have it waiting at the desk.

Simple. Doesn't anybody do simple anymore?


Anonymous said…
See, here's the problem. That would have required them using some customer service skills, and people simply don't have them any more. I know from dealing with several companies myself that no one cares about making us, the customer, happy anymore. You would think that with today's economic situation, they would be afraid of losing us as customers.
kden said…
Hubby told me last night that he did talk to someone (get names man) who said they would set some aside for him. So if I would have had more to go on, I would have walked away a lot happier.

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