I Refuse

I refuse to shovel snow anymore. I have hit the "I don't give a crap" wall.

Yesterday we had a blizzard that dumped about 4 inches. I know it's not much but we have had ENOUGH. Our area has received 88 inches this winter; the 5th largest record so far. The snow was melting nicely, I could see all of my lawn, the Robins are looking for worms and my dog and I were getting our much needed walks.

The shovels have been put away as well as my boots and I'm not getting either out again. So the paperboy and mailman will just have to trudge on through. And my feet will have to freeze, that's just the way it goes.

I'm done.


NJ said…
Ouch! We just have a little bit of snow left here. And currently it's pouring out. That always leads me to think thank god it's not snow. March Break is next week and in the past we've come home after a week away to find our driveway impassible due to snow. I have a strong feeling that any snow we get now won't last long and yes I will not be using my shovel.
goldensparks said…
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maryt/theteach said…
I agree, no more snow! Better not be! Love the photo! :)
Oh, My! LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I can't say I feel as strongly about winter as you do, I actually like it. But I am ready for spring now. My pics were from last May, so right now we're waiting for things to start growing. Our snow is melted, but everything is still brown and dead-looking.

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