SkyWatch Friday #1

I found this cool site, SkyWatch Friday through a fellow blogger so I am going through all of my archived pictures. This particular picture was taken up high on a cliff above Cannon Beach, Oregon, so that I think it qualifies as a Sky picture. The fog was rolling off of the hill and everyone was stopping to take a picture.


Anna said…
Welcome to Sky Watch Friday! That's a gorgeous picture. I can see why people would be stopping.
kden said…
Thanks Anna! I think I am addicted already. I may never complain about anything again......Nah, it's just in my blood.
earthtoholly said…
Hi kden! This is an amazing shot...I love it...very nice! The cloud has such nice form. :o)
That's an optical illusion how the cloud in the foreground, or is it in the background, makes the horizon disappear. Well done, and beautiful coast.
Connie said…
This is just beautiful. I love this picture.
Welcome to Skywatch Friday. It's a great meme. This is a perfect post, and I love the fog rolling in.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. And Happy New Year!
Wishing the weather was like your picture.
Great site.
Indrani said…
Lovely shot for the first entry. I love such mountain side views.
Happy New Year to you!
esnorway said…
Nice pic happy new year
The Arthur Clan said…
The fog rolling in looks so pretty. How wonderful that you were able to capture that moment in your photo!
Arija said…
Lovely coastal view.
Louise said…
Welcome to SWF! EDxcellent contribution.

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