School Cancelled Tomorrow, Uggggggghhhhhhh........

My daughter was looking forward to getting back to school tomorrow after Christmas break. But Nnnnnoooooooo, a big ass storm is coming in tonight so the Sheriff exercised his rights and "suggested" that all schools cancel classes tomorrow.

Sidewalks are too deep to be shoveled and 4 foot berms cover up the intersections. That forces the kids to walk in the streets to school. I understand the reasoning because of the storm but things won't be any different Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Sidewalks will not be unearthed until summer. So what are they going to do, cancel school until Spring??? And make-up days just suck. They've already lost two days and now anymore closures will go into their Summer vacation.

You might think that Christmas vacation would be filled with fun times with friends. But when driving is treacherous and parents don't want to drive their kids all over town that leads to a lot of boredom. Thankfully my daughter loves to read but even that gets old after awhile.

So tomorrow afternoon we'll find out about Tuesday. I'm not holding my breath.

Oh yea, another thing. Walmart is closed to clean off their roof and I can't get my high BP meds. Do you think I need them???


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