It's 2:00 am, do you know where your Construction Worker is?

Well, I do. He's right across the street from my house with a bunch of his friends, working on the high school renovation. And when I say across the street, I don't mean across the street and back about a block. I mean so close across the street that I could have thrown a rock and beaned someone in the head.

I am so blessed (not) to live right across the street from a high school. They are going through a 4 year renovation project and it's been a challenge for residents and students to work around the constant changes.

We live on a busy one-way street and the neighbors behind us live on the opposite one-way street. In the past few years both streets have gone through a total re-do which meant going down about a foot below the surface of the road.

We've been detoured to death around here and it has continued with the school. I've been able to tolerate most of it, up until last night. I noticed they were working late, then it got later and later. At 10:00 pm I was curious and called the Police Dept. just to ask if construction sites have to follow the same noise ordinance, which means none after 10:00. He said probably not because they are not part of the city.

I was kept awake due to the house shaking, scraping, banging, lights, trucks coming and going and that damn infernal back-up beeping noise. I don't know who invented it, but I don't think I like him very much. Do you know how many times a truck backs up in an hour. Me either, by then all I could hear was my own screaming inside my skull. I think they finally quit about 3:30 or so.

I wanted to go out so bad and take a picture because it was unbelievable how the street was lit up and all of the trucks that were there. But I didn't want to be the crazy lady in her robe who's out at 2:00 am taking pictures.

This morning I called the construction company and asked if they were going to pull another all-niter tonight. He didn't know what I was talking about. When I told him how late they worked he said they should have wrapped up at 10:00. He apologized and said that it would not happen again. But I think I'll get my earplugs ready, just in case.


maryt/theteach said…
kden, I was going to say what in the heck are they doing out there at 2:00 AM? Aren't other people complaining? Call the mayor, call your assemblyman/woman, whoever!
Signe said…
That's insane...and I thought I had it bad!
If they do that again, you really should bean someone in the head.

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