I'm Addicted

I don't really know how it happened. It started out innocent enough as I clicked on Earth to Holly's blog. She has a dog and I enjoy reading the antics of Lucy.

But then there was something so tempting on her blog that I had to check it out. It was a photo captioned SkyWatch Friday. I hesitated as I inched my mouse closer to the link. I knew there would be nothing but trouble and no way back but I did it anyway.

Oh crap, it was too late, I was hooked. Who knew it would be so instant. The drug cartels have nothing on photo memes. So now I am addicted and have decided to dedicate a new blog to cater to my new hopped up self. I didn't want to combine my crabbiness here with the beauty of photography so that's why I'm moving the Photo Memes.

Come and see what kind of trouble I am getting into at PictorialSoul.


earthtoholly said…
Just came across this...thanks so much for the link and kind comment and am glad to see you have the other blog now...that's a great idea as your photos deserve their own blog! :o)

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