I Was Scolded Today

Early this morning I went grocery shopping. I was the only one in the produce section and I forgot I needed a head of lettuce. I left my cart where it was and walked about 10 feet to grab my lettuce. As I was heading back to my cart, an elderly lady started talking to me. I thought she was asking if I knew where something was. But she said "I'm going to scold you for leaving your purse unattended in your cart."

I became embarrassed and said sheepishly "I know", as if my hand had been caught in the cookie jar. I know this kind of stuff happens, a lot. But I am a very observant person and aware of my surroundings, but not overly paranoid. When I'm with my 13 year-old daughter she buckles my purse up but I only do it when in a busier store.

I surprised myself for not being angry at the woman because she was right and only trying to help, even though she was a bit pushy about it. I was actually struck by the humor when she added "I could have grabbed your purse and been out the door before you even knew it was gone". I had to walk away before I started laughing. I'm a little chubby and maybe not so light on my feet anymore but I think if I saw a woman in her 70's grab my purse and 'run' for the door, I could have taken her easily.

So from now on I will be more aware of my surroundings and keep my eye out for Ninja Grannies at the Piggly Wiggly.


It's the worst to loose a wallet or purse. It's an unsettling feeling.
kden said…
I'm sure it is. I have 'misplaced' my purse in my own house or even left it in the car by mistake. You get this cold sinking feeling in your gut. When I find it, I say a lot of 'Amen's'!
Roxy said…
Hahaha, ninja grannies. Made me laugh out loud!
NJ said…
This has definitely happened to me in the past. Quite honestly though because I live in a small town 6,000 people, the way I act here is not the way I would act if I went to the city 30 minutes away.
When my daughter was 8 or 9, she's now 23, we pulled up to a local video store where I had reserved a movie so it was just a matter of running in and getting it. She told me she wanted to wait in the car because she was reading and I said okay. When I was at the counter she came in and I said, "oh you changed mind about coming in." And she said not really and pointed at a young man and said he made me come in. He saw us and came right over and said my daughter was so pretty and I shouldn't leave her alone in the car because someone could take her so easily and proceeded to show me pictures of his own children. It was rather embarassing and made me feel like a bad mother. I've since seen other children wandering the streets alone younger than my daughter was at the time.

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