I Need to Prioritize my Life?

I'm just going to jump right in here and say, I am pissed.

A few months ago at my regular check up I complained of memory loss, mood swings, all over pain and other things. After a full blood workup everything looked normal except that I was quite low in the hormone department. I am not in menopause yet but still low. My nurse practitioner suggested a pharmacy in town that compounds bio-identical hormones and they would be able to make me a compound of exactly what I needed instead of a one-size-fits-all medication . To me this sounded like a dream come true, because I definitely don't want to take horse pee as an HRT.

My insurance wouldn't cover this though but I was given a discount on the consultation. The Pharmacist I talked to was very nice and sweet and said I would be feeling better in a few weeks and she would make it as low cost as possible.

I picked up my medication and paid $45.00 for the first month. It's not out of the ball park but still difficult as this takes away from my grocery budget. But I am so desperate to feel better, I will do what I have to do.

I called this morning to talk about a refill as I am almost out. The receptionist put me through with the 'nice pharmacist' again who sure is different after she's stopped wooing someone for their business. I told her I was not feeling any different and she suggested that I double the dose to see if that would help. I then asked, "That would make the price double then, right?"

With a little aggravation in her voice, she said "Well, sometimes you have to prioritize things in your life if you want to feel better."

Well, obviously I am not feeling better because I start crying. I told her that many things are a priority in my life and I will just renew the prescription as it. Then she gave me her sing-song voice and said if I needed anything else just to call, as she hung up on me.

So I'm sitting there wondering if my prescription was renewed or not. Damn, I had to call back and explain to the receptionist that I'm confused. She puts me through with 'nice pharmacist' again who I tell that I was in the middle of a question when she hung up on me.

She said "Oh, I though we were done". After I asked her to clarify the renewal she said I had another month to go and I had to argue that point and said I only have 5 days left. Jeez Louise lady, read the damn chart!

I absolutely hate it when medical people tell me I need to prioritize in order to afford their care. I had a dentist tell me that once when I had to pass on x-rays for my daughter. He chewed me out in front of her saying how important x-rays ares. No shit Sherlock, I'm 50 years old and didn't know that. I haven't seen a dentist in 5 years because she IS my priority. I quit that office and wrote him a letter explaining why.

I invite any one of them to come over and sit at my table and look at my stack of bills and tell me which ones I shouldn't pay in order to receive their care. Every one of my obligations is a priority.

I'm not asking for any special 'deals' or favors when asking for care. I only ask for a little understanding of my situation and not be so damn condescending when addressing me and tell me how I should run my life.


Anonymous said…
Doctors and other health care workers don't live the the real world - most of them have no understanding of what we "normal" folks go through!
maryt/theteach said…
Male Doctors NEVER understand, kden! Go to a female MD. I understand what you're going through. Know that it will end someday! Ha! All the emotional upset is part of it...
kden said…
I do go to a female doctor (nurse practitioner really), but she is great and really does listen. The 'nice pharmacist' is also a woman which blows me away on how condescending she is, especially with another woman.
mike allen said…
I've had to deal with pharmacists and doctors for quite awhile now for my migraines and depression and first of all the pharmacist is NOT a doctor and she shouldnt be telling you over the phone to start doubling up on your medication. How retarded is that? She doesnt know anything about you like a doctor does. Only a doctor should offer that advice and she absolutely should NOT even suggested that over the phone, even if she meant "talk to your doctor about doubling up" because a person might think oh yeah, maybe 2 will work twice as good.

Also, try to find a 24 pharmacy and call in the evenings if you can because they are much less busy, since they dont have customers 10 deep waiting for consultations, etc. I had to take paxil for 30 days before it even began to start working, but it did so I am glad I stuck with it.
kden said…
Hi Mike,
Thanks for stopping by!
I am taking bio-identical hormones (plant based) which is compounded at this pharmacy. They are the only ones in town that can do this so there are no options of where I can go. But I agree that to double was not in the best judgment even if it is just plant based hormones. I'm picking up my prescription today but it might be my last. I'm looking at alternatives.
Anita said…
I know what you mean about prioritizing. Good luck to you in dealing with those pesky menopausal symptoms. The hot flashes and night sweats are the worst for me:)
Pagan Sphinx said…
Medical people can be real arses. I've had bad experiences with a couple of very cranky, money-grubbing dentists. And recently, a new primary care doctor - a young woman, left a rather sour taste in my mouth.
Roxy said…
The funniest part of this post is the fact you tagged it "ass". I was wondering if that's what the pills are for :)

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