I Can See My Lawn!

No complaining today! I will give you all a break. We've had two days of wind and rain and all the snow is off the roof and half of it is off the lawn. I can see grass again. It's brown, soggy, and dog-poopy, but it's lawn.

I took my chains off today but almost slid down my alley hill backwards when trying to back out of the garage. Newspaper saved the day.

I know winter's not over but it's helped a great deal to have a few nice days and some sort of normalcy in my life. Now if the kids could just get back to school......


Glad you are getting some relief from the horrible weather
maryt/theteach said…
Took chains off the car! OMG! That is a lot of snow! Glad you can see a little lawn! :)
Natural Moments said…
We can see our lawn now too and the sogginess is slowly being replaced by subtle green growth. And the sun is here till the weekend. Yay.

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