Get Frickin' Frackin' Real

I was watching my favorite morning show, Good Morning America when they showcased a family in Texas who is dealing with unemployment. The husband was recently laid off and he said in a very serious tone that he and his wife sat down and made decisions on what had to be cut out of the budget. Then the announcer said that his wife is still working but their income was cut in half, DOWN TO $90,000.00 A YEAR. Are you kidding me?

The Smith family decided they could no longer afford Starbucks or going out to eat twice a week. And their poor children will not be able to go the the 'Academy' for their day care. This family is not "Coping", they are cutting out a few fluffy expenditures. I understand that the point of the story was to show that when we cut back on expenses, then businesses have to shut down.

But this family is NOT typical of the American family and what they are going through. Why not pick a family that is living on 30K or less a year. A family that can only afford Low Income State insurance because any other would take half of the family's paycheck per month. How about a family that goes out to eat maybe every three months and celebrates when they can buy steak. Talk to the wife who shops at a dollar store, Walmart, and the grocery store in order to find the best deals AND who feels blessed that at least they have this much. Ask them if they are cold for having their thermostat at 65 or under because their oil bill was $1400.00 this year.

This is a family that "Copes", daily. This isn't a new thing, it is an ongoing thing. Maybe it will get better for them, maybe it won't. But I believe with Barack Obama in office, there is hope.

So don't insult us by showing us a wealthy (by many standards) family "Coping" with the recession. And a big HURRAY to everyone who posted their distaste about this story at ABC News.


Anonymous said…
I myself would be thrilled to have to "make do" on 90K per year. Who was the insane person who thought this story was a good idea? All it does is underscore the huge difference between the "haves" and the "have nots". Hopefully things will change now that we have a new president with common sense and intelligence.

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