Flippin' Out

This morning I woke up at 2:45 am with a start, realizing that my husband wasn't home from work yet. I wasn't too concerned though as this is normal. But then the phone rang. That has got to be the worst sound in the world.

He said he was OK but the truck wasn't. He said the clutch went out. I swear to God that's what I heard and it made sense because they had been having trouble with it. So he calls again 2 hours later and said the tow truck had dropped the truck off and he was getting a ride home with his work partner.

I get up at 5:30 so I was awake when he came in. He said "I'm just glad I wasn't hurt or the other guy wasn't either".

I'm sitting there with this cartoon look on my face and said "What does that have to do with a clutch?"

"Clutch?", He said. "What clutch?" "I said I flipped the truck."

Again, the cartoon face. "I know I heard clutch, I was awake when you called!"

Maybe he was out of his mind, maybe I was. But nonetheless he flipped the truck right behind another guy who had just flipped his on the same patch of ice. Someone had stopped to help the other guy out and then this guy helped my husband out of the truck. Everyone seemed OK though and didn't need medical attention.

Word travels fast in this small company and the owners were concerned. They asked him if he could use his own car tonight until they can get another truck to them. Sure, in theory. But it wouldn't start. So now they will have to rent a mini-van for him tonight.

The day gets better though. I was going to take my daughter to school as that's what the district was suggesting so kids wouldn't have to walk in the street. Fifteen minutes before it's time to leave a damn plow truck came by and bermed me in. Not too large but large enough to have to do by myself. I had to tell my daughter to start walking.

Then I go to work for one of my ladies and her son is shoveling her walk. I go in and she is in the bathroom and not doing well. I asked him if she was OK and he said she was a few minutes ago. So she's barfing and pooping all over the place and he says he's got to go pick up his granddaughter at pre-school. He sends over his bro-in-law so I can go to the store for her groceries. Now add a blizzard into the mix and we're having fun now. I see a beer-stocking guy in the aisle and ask him if it's too early to start drinking beer. He said if he was off work, he would be. I felt like we should run off together and start drinking.

But I head back to Mary's and they feel she should go to minor emergency because there was really no reason why she should be so sick. Of course, she did not want to go and I think that soon she will have to be in an assisted living situation. We have all seen her go downhill for quite some time. Her son asked me if I could work more hours and basically just be there all day. OH no, no, no I am thinking. I've got another woman and my mother to work for and that is quite enough, thank you. I love Mary but I'm already half bonkers.

It's now 2:45 pm and I have already been awake for 12 hours. I just walked in the back door and passed my husband on his way to work. We hardly see each other in the winter. I'm tired and crying.

If I don't end of in the looney bin by the time winter is over, it will be a miracle.


Just continue to remain prayerful. I hope that everything works out. If you don't have time for anything else, just make sure that you tell each other how much you love one another.

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