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Getting Life Insurance Is Easy---NOT

My husband's 10-year term Life Insurance Policy is up August 1st. He is now 61 years old and for the last two months trying he has been trying to find a new policy. The old carrier will not be continuing with term insurance so they were not an option.

Both his and my policies are now being handled through eterm and so we have had them looking for a new carrier. Found one that looked promising but now with his age we know that we will be paying a higher premium.

But he had the nurse come out and test everything that was testable. When we got the results everything was in the normal range----I mean EVERYTHING. Not one test sent up a red flag. But was that enough for the new carrier-to-be????? Noooooo, they wanted him to go to a doctor because it has been awhile. We are going to a new clinic now but he has never been there. I think in general we don't trust doctors and only go to them when necessary. I have never been one of those mothers that take their kid to the doctor every ti…

Farewell Professor Pausch

I heard that this morning Randy Pausch died of Pancreatic cancer. Our family recently watched his Last Lecture on TV and then read the book.

You may have thought that you were just a regular guy, but to the people that saw your lecture or read your book, you were a gift of inspiration.

I hope that you and Walt Disney are creating cartoons in the sky.

My Stalker

I have a stalker. I made the mistake of showing a girl a certain post in my blog. Now she is haunting me. I have tried to hide it from her and thought I had....but she eventually found it again.

The stalker is my own almost-13-year-old-daughter and she refuses to leave me alone. Either she thinks I am the most fascinating writer she has ever seen or she is plain nosy. I'm betting on the latter.

She has a blog too and I read it, but I do it to make sure that she is not writing anything she shouldn't (which I know she wouldn't). But still, that means that I can't write anything bad about her brothers, her father, her grandma or her brothers' mother. Wow, that's a mouthful. And that wipes out about half of my material. So little girl, this is a warning: if you are going to stick around, it may get ugly.

Love you anyway ;-)

Ladies, Don't Make Me Sit On Your Pee

I know that sounds awfully gross but that's how I feel when it happens to me.

I was ready to post all of the annoying things that happened to me on our little trip but this was the only thing, so here goes. This happens not only on trips though. I encounter this much more than I would like, in many more places than it should.

We had stopped for gas and of course to use the restrooms. I had to wait for an elderly woman to get out of the restroom and instead of doing a quick check, I sat down quickly onto.....her pee. The disgust I feel over sitting in someone else's pee is immeasurable. I'm not sure if it's the generation because I usually don't see who I have to follow behind in a restroom. But I'm sure this woman was taught not to sit on toilet seats, but to squat instead. Do they realize that by avoiding the 'killer germs', they are doing something much more vile. They are forcing another woman to either sit in it or to have to clean up after them. It&…

Vacation? I'm Too Tired

We're getting ready to take a 3 day weekend trip across state. Many people say that they are tired after their trip and need a vacation after their vacation. But what about before you even get started on the trip that you so desperately need?

I'm not sure how it works with other couples, but in my house, I seem to be stuck with the brunt of the work. This is how it usually breaks down, regardless if it is a couple of days or a week.

My list:
search online to find motels if we have never been to the area before
make reservations
stop paper and mail
make arrangements for animals to be taken care of
figure out what to take for food/drinks
help daughter figure out what to take, but it's easier now that she is getting older
water plants
water lawn thoroughly
pay bills ahead
unplug computer's power source and phone line (in case of storms)
have timers set on lamps
do last minute laundry
set air conditioner
pack for myself, usually at the last minute because I have been so busy with above li…

Walmart, A Love-Hate Relationship

I am kind of embarrassed to say that most of the time I love Walmart. It is only blocks from my home and overall I can find things cheaper than most other places. It meets my basic grab and go needs.

But some days I shake my head and wonder why I even bother. Today I needed to pick up some medicine and grab a few things, quickly. First mistake to think it could be done quickly. Part of the parking lot was being re-blacktopped. Barricades made me go all the way back out to the street and then go all around the block to enter on the other end of the store. Went to pick up my blood pressure meds, you know the ones I didn't want in the first place. I transferred them from my clinic so I could take advantage of the $4.00 prescriptions. They weren't ready yet, big surprise. They hadn't even been transferred yet. I was sent to another window. I stood there for 10 minutes while the pharmacist called the other pharmacy to get it transferred. He said it would only take about 10 more …