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I Officially Hate My Husbands Employer

This is going to be a long whiny post so grab some dinner and settle in.

My husband works for a company kind of like UPS, but on a smaller and cheaper scale. They mostly transfer inner-bank mail, never money. Main headquarters is out of state and they work in 3 states in all. This area is possibly the smallest and has only two employees, my dh and another guy. My dh works 2:00 pm to 2:00 am, usually. His partner works from 3:30 am to 12:30 pm, usually. This all depends on the weather and and whether planes are on time.

Having worked for this company for two years he is entitled to 10 days of vacation. But the most ludicrous thing is that they cannot take a vacation because there is no relief driver available for them to go. If either one of them needs a day off, the other guy has to work a double shift, with no overtime. In the bigger-routed areas they have relief drivers available but not here. Last year we did take his one week vacation and the other driver worked doubles for 5 days s…

Just call us Fred and Wilma

This past weekend our family went to a cool little town in our state. We love it there and try to go often. Our little cabin was right on the river which was full and rushing and the air was clean.

Everything was great, except for the beds. OMG they were so hard. So hard that when you fall asleep in one position you wake up soon with that half of your body numb. Then you rotate and do it all over again, all night long. I felt like a chicken on a BBQ spit. Even my husband who used to say, "If you're tired, you'll sleep", when I'd complain about the uncomfortable beds, had a rough night.

Where in the hell do motels get their beds, the Bedrock Factory?

Is it all downhill from here?

I turned 50 last week. And what did I receive as a gift? A brand new bottle of high blood pressure medicine. Wasn't that nice? I have always been proud of myself for not having to take medicine other than Advil for daily aches and pains.

My new doctor has only seen me a few times but she has commented on my high bp. I would make excuses of why it could be so high, 187/94 didn't seem that bad after all. After this last visit though, the hurried nurse took it and it read a respectable 133/87. I was thrilled and said I bet the doctor would be pleased. After the exam she asked if I was on any medication. I grinned and said "You have threatened, but haven't yet". Then I told her of my 'great' reading but added that the nurse was in a hurry. She, being the good doctor that she is, proceeded to take it again, 157/84. I then had to tell her about my father's heart condition and that he died at 54. CRAP, that clinched it, the prescription was written.

My first …

Boo Hoo Poor Ed

Hey did you hear about the family in your neighborhood who is losing their home because they can't keep up with their house payments? Me either. But I bet you have all heard about poor Ed McMahon who is facing foreclosure because he is $644,000 behind in his mortgage payments.

There are thousands of people in the same boat; losing their homes, either from extending themselves too far or from circumstances beyond their control. But I betcha that they are not going to get bailed out like Ed will. His pity party will draw friends and he will come through this unscathed. I heard the Trump on TV the other night saying, "We can't let this happen to Ed." Sure Donald, pull out your pocket change and help poor Ed out. And while your at it, before you build that next hotel that no one can afford to stay in, pull out more pocket change to help everyone else in the same predicament.

I know that Ed is not asking for help but he will get it because of who he is. He made mistakes (l…

Lilly is gone

She's had a couple of rough months. One day her husband was yelling for me to come look, she was in trouble. When I finally came to their home and asked what the problem was, I saw her hanging by her foot from her perch with her head almost touching the bottom of her cage.

Huh? What? The husband kept his wife in a cage? Well, yea if she's a bird you do. I have a lovely pair of zebra finches. At one time we had two pair but were now down to one, Clark and Lilly. She had tangled her foot in some cotton that I had given them for nesting material. Then she snagged her foot on her perch and was left hanging. I gently pulled her off and set her down. I could see that the cotton was so tight around her foot that she wouldn't be able to fly, hop or perch. So I grabbed a tiny pair of scissors, put her in my hand and gently cut the cotton off. I don't know who's heart was beating faster, except I could feel hers. It took her about 3 weeks to recover. Her poor leg was jutting …

I Was Rooting For The Numbnuts Kid

A little lighter story and one of the funniest things I have heard in awhile. My daughter and I were watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee last week. As it got closer to a winner one cute kid, Sameer Mishra stood out to me, but not so much for his spelling.

He was given the word numnah. There was plenty of snickers in the audience.

He looked puzzled and repeated what he thought had heard, "numbnuts?"

Now more of a roar of laughter came from the audience and I almost peed my pants. Tom Bergeron the host couldn't pass on making a joke.

The judge said "I will say it again and you repeat it, numnah."

Again, a blank stare until......finally he got it. "NUMNAH! That's a relief"

He went on to win the championship. Thanks Sameer for the best laugh I have had in a long time.

We All Got Dumped

I found out a few weeks ago that my brother's wife wants a separation. Married only about 5 years, it was the second marriage for both. We all really liked her--alot.

His first wife left him for another man. We felt horrible for him but didn't miss her at all. She was to put it mildly--a bitch.

This feels worse, for all of us. My mom is upset and my daughter loved (and still does) her very much. Who knows what happened. Maybe they were both just lonely after their previous divorces. But she was the nicest, most giving person and it's hard to understand the "why's". I can't even say anything bad about her.

But it's still difficult when you take a new person into your family and love them like your family member does and then they leave. You start to wonder, 'maybe I wasn't a very good sister-in-law or maybe she hated my husband'. Or 'maybe mom bitched just one too many times'. I know in my heart that it is none of these thing but it s…