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Do I Know You?

I got an invitation to a high school graduation the other day. It was from the daughter of a girl I went to high school with and who still lives in my hometown. I live in a larger city about 90 miles away now.

I have not been in touch with this friend for years, as we graduated over 30 years ago. We would occasionally email jokes but I just haven't heard anything from her in a long time and I have even stopped sending along jokes.

So you may be wondering if I am going, or if I will acknowledge the girls graduation. No I am not or will not. I met this girl once when she was little. I'm sure she does not even know who I am. I got one from her older brother a few years ago and did exactly the same, nothing.

I'm not trying to be mean but it just really bugs me when I get an invitation out of the blue from:
a)someone I don't even know
b)from the child of someone I haven't heard from in years

Last year when my daughter graduated from 6th grade I sent my friend an email with a…

Banana Peel 1 Litterbug 0

My husband drives late at night on a somewhat deserted highway. After just finishing a banana he proceeds to throw the peel out of the window. He claims it is not littering because the birds will eat the peel. Our daughter argues that point, saying it is still littering.

A few minutes later, he hears a thwacking at his window and out of the corner of his eye he sees a hand tapping at the window causing him to almost go off the road. Under closer inspection he sees the banana peel waving in the breeze and whacking the window because a little bit of it is still inside, rolled up in the window.

Heart attack averted, but that will teach him ;-)

I Bite Back

Another Neighbor and Dog Story. They live down at the end of my alley. We have chatted on our walks if we saw them. They have a big dog which most of the time is in the fenced back yard but sometimes out on the side lawn if someone was outside with her.

When my daughter and I take our dog for a walk it is always the same path which leads us past their house to walk down the alley toward our house. The dog always barks when in the fenced yard, no big deal. For quite awhile though she has been in the side yard with no one around. We purposely take a wide cut off of the sidewalk and then step into the alley. She glares at us but has never gotten up or barked.

About a month ago just my dog and I were walking and as soon as we stepped into the alley this dog charged us, barking and stopped about 5 feet away snarling at us. My dog is such a marshmallow there was no provocation from her. I stood in the alley and yelled for someone to come out and retrieve her. No one came. I was shaking by t…