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Another Baby Is Dead


The newspaper told me a 6 month old baby girl is dead. She died at the hands of.... (insert surprising gasp here) the mothers' boyfriend. Sorry, but I didn't have a surprising gasp. Mother goes to work and comes home finding her child near death. The father/boyfriend "claims" the baby fell and sustained such horrible injuries that the child later dies. You would have to drop the child off of a building to get those kinds of injuries.

Then the parents of the boyfriend claim his innocence and said that he would not willingly hurt a child, because he already has a child of his own, must have been high on meth and accidentally dropped the child because because she was wet after a bath, and this is the best one yet--he was abused as a child. You can insert your own lame ass excuse of why he killed the child but it really happened for one reason. These stupid women leave their child in the care of someone that:
a) doesn't have the balls to g…

Weavers and Tailgaters

I have noticed for quite some time the driving patterns of men and women, especially the young ones. The guys will weave in and out of traffic to find the fastest route to their destination. They usually wind up at the same stop light about 1.2 seconds before me. Phew! What an accomplishment. What I like to do when I see them coming is match my driving speed of the driver next to me so the weaver cannot get past either of us. I can tell it really pisses them off which makes my day so much better. I regret having to make my turn and end the game.

The girls on the other hand will tailgate. If you happen to look in your rear view mirror and see someone on your ass, you can bet it's a teenage or twenty-something girl. If possible, I take my foot off the gas pedal off and slow my mommy van way down. Yep, it pisses them off. And that of course makes my day.

Another fun thing to do when in a known area that narrows from a two-lane to a one-way lane, is to keep an eye on the driver coming …

Why Not?

When I first started this blog I felt apprehensive about starting something in which all I could do is bitch about things. I do have a lot of positive things to say too, but complaining seems to take the forefront of my thoughts.

It seems like these days it is almost a sin to complain. Last spring I ordered 3 of those "Complaint Free" bracelets. I never got them. Did I complain? No, I would have felt too crappy to complain about not getting my 'no complaining' bracelets ;-) I figure this summer I can find tons of them at yard sales.

For fun yesterday I did a search for "complain". I was quite surprised at the amount of webpages dedicated to this topic. Some of the fun ones I found are Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator. Type in a person or a business name and it will automatically generate a nasty letter. You can email someone a link to that page or just print it off. Or you can do nothing and just get some satisfaction from seeing a p…

A Little Dab of Dog Doo Should Do

Don't you love to watch little kids play. They are so cute and innocent, you wish you had a bunch of them. Then comes Jr. High kids, they can be so mouthy and bratty. You wish you could put them over your knee and spank them. Then there's the future of our world held in......high school students' hands. OH MY GOD, HELP US ALL.

I live by a high school and the crap we have to put up with would make your head spin. Clogging the streets where we live making it impossible to get to our own home. If anyone wants to come to visit during school hours, they can just forget it, they will never even get close. Service calls during school hours? Do you work Saturdays?

But the thing I hate most is the garbage left behind after lunch and the 'lil ones standing in the alley smoking. The corner down from ours is the worst but a few have ventured down to our end of the alley. I sent the dog out to 'get them' and all she did was lie on the grass and lick her butt. Some watchdog.…

Mean Girls Suck

I hate mean girls. I really do. And girls are so much meaner than boys are in the teen years. My dd goes to Jr. Hi and recently has been bullied by another girl that walks the same way home. She knows this girl; spent the last 2 years in the same class at grade school. Why she started picking on my daughter I'll never know. But after the last incident I called the school and spoke with the counselor. He spoke to my daughter to get her story and said it would be taken care of.

Nothing has happened since, but my daughter will adjust her pace of walking if she sees this girl either behind or in front of her. I don't think that is quite right to have to speed up or slow down just to stay out of someone's way. That means the MEAN GIRL has won. But then again I don't want to scare my daughter by telling her to stand her ground.

This girl is a little screwy in the head and I don't trust her. Last year she told my daughter that she had missed a day of school the week previ…

Ebay Boycott Affects Buyers Too

I am not a big buyer on ebay but at times enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Before Christmas I bought a generic shuffle for a family member and then decided to buy another one from a different seller. Seller had excellent ratings and feedback so I placed my bid and won. I received the shuffle in a few days so was thrilled. The instructions varied from the first one I bought but I followed them anyway and loaded songs through itunes. Ahh, but the songs would not play. When I tried to remove the music I got a message saying that they were write-protected. I can't get them off. I also then tried to load more music using mp3 or wma files. Same message--write-protected. So I have a shuffle that I can not play or load more songs onto. I immediately wrote to seller asking for replacement within their week-long time frame. It did take another email to get them to respond. It was a very nice email explaining in detail how to download music. I tried with no avail and tried to contact seller aga…