Winter Continued...

Things are prettier this weekend and makes up a bit for the pain of the snow. But only a little. I couldn't go to work Friday but finally got the chains on my car that afternoon. I decided to try and go around the block, or half of the block. Down our alley hill, to the main road and enter at the other end of the alley. That's where I got stuck and my husband had to take over to get us back in the garage. There I conceded that it's too deep for me to get around. We did get to the store in his car though. It's funny that you can be so grateful just to get to the store!

Saturday my daughter and I got outside to take some pictures. Little snowflakes that were falling from the trees looked like crystals in the sun. But I'm not caving on how much I hate it.

At times like this you get to know your neighbors better. Those with snow blowers are out in full force helping you dig out your car. We have a small one but it still works pretty good and has been very helpful. We have one dink of a neighbor at the other end of the alley though. Everyone that lives on this block on both sides of the alley has their garage in the back. So it's imperative that the alley stay clear so that we can get in and out. The people at the end of the block just pull their car in at the end and don't actually have to get into the alley. So after the two feet of snow they dumped all the snow from their cars into the alley entrance. You should have seen the force of shovels and snow blowers down there piling it all back into their carport.

And then there are always the same people that sit in their house and do nothing and wait for others to do it for them. Even if you have just a garden shovel, make an effort people. If a neighbor sees you out there working your butt off with your little dinky shovel, he is more likely to come and help. We've only had our blower a few years now and before that we were out there with our trusty orange shovels. A neighbor always came by to help if it was real bad. I just really dislike lazy people at times like this. These people are not old and feeble. One family has about 5 kids and the other neighbors are two healthy men.

It's snowing again today (Sunday) and we could get another 6 inches. The plows did the side streets which meant we had to dig out my husbands car and the alley entrance (again). With a lot of people helping it did not take long though. I got out and tested the roads and am grateful I have chains. I'm sure I'll make it to work tomorrow.

The first two pictures are in the backyard; my cold little fairy and butterfly with their stakes almost covered. The small picket fence behind the butterfly is a gate which I am using for garden art. It might be buried by the end of the day. The third picture is our oak tree in the front yard and the forth picture is a plum tree in the backyard. And the final picture is the front sidewalk which will probably not be seen again until June. There is no sense in even trying to shovel it because the snow plows will bury it again.

I'm done shoveling for the day and will spend the rest of my Sunday relaxing; maybe make some caramel corn and watch a movie.


Signe said…
Wow...that's a lot of snow! Yeah, I agree; it's pretty but what a PITA! It would be fine if it wouldn't snow on the roads.

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