We're All Going A Little Nuts Here!

Tensions are running high in our little area of the world. It's Christmas Eve day and the snow continues to fall. Thirty-Seven inches so far with 5-8 inches due tonight and through tomorrow, plus more over the weekend. If we receive only 5 more inches, we will break the now standing record of December snowfalls. I'm sure we will surpass that quickly.

Yesterday a 53 year old man was arrested for threatening the life of a snow plow driver. An elderly woman came out of her house yelling at the plow driver for placing a berm in front of her driveway. Then her son came out waving a gun. He went back into the house and called the City department and said that the next plow driver that came down his street would be shot. The call was traced and he was arrested. The gun was loaded and he was charged with felony harassment. An officer summed it up this way; “Remember, when July comes we will all be laughing about those crazy days in December, try not to reflect on those days from your shared cell at the County Jail.”

Wise advice officer.

This winter is affecting so many people, the whole Northern half of the United States. So I realize that I am not alone in my frustration. Some days I can work, other days I can't. I can get out some days but can't get to where I need to be due to plowing and berms. My step-son and his wife are stranded in California. They can get out but can't get here. My brother and his wife can't travel to be with us tonight. They live in a somewhat coastal city that rarely gets snow. They have been hammered with the same storms and must travel a pass to get here, so they have decided to stay home. My husband has to work tonight. No shutting down for this company. Christmas Eve will be very quiet with my mom, other brother and daughter.

But still, even after all of this, things are not so bad that I will go out and buy a gun and threaten a snow plow driver.


RecycleCindy said…
Oh I completely understand how you feel about this snow here in WA this year. It's just crazy how much we have gotten and so quickly. We have at about 4 feet on the ground here in the mtns. I am so happy that we have our own plow on a pickup. Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the good wishes.

Happy New Year!

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