Record-Breaking Snowfall

Our city just smashed a snowfall record for the month of December (61.4 inches) which was last set in 1996 (46.2 inches). That's more snow than we usually receive the entire winter season. And I laugh at Bismarck, ND's record of a measly 33.3 inches.

We've had roofs collapse on many buildings including a grocery store and church gymnasium.

Tonight there is a New Year celebration downtown but several streets will be closed and they had to even cancel a snowboarding event due to......wait for it.......

There is too much snow to bring in the equipment to build the ramps.

I'm tired of shoveling, there's no where to put it. My girl dog is starting to pee like a boy on the nearest snow bank out the door and I'm praying our patio roof will hold up. We haven't had mail in two days, and garbage won't pick up unless you can get it to the street. We have alley pick up and they want us to drag our cans through 60 inches of snow to the front. We won't even have a front sidewalk until June.

So tonight, my last post of the year, sounds like a good time to curl up with a bag of Doritos and a bottle of Champagne. See you next year!


earthtoholly said…
Mmm, did someone say Doritos and champagne??? You've got me beat...I have no champagne but am still doing the "curling up" thing...and happy to say not in 60 inches of snow. My goodness, that is downright dangerous! Stay safe and have a good New Year's Eve!
Signe said…
We had Doritos last night too :)
We've had a grand total of maybe an inch this year...and I'm not complaining at all!

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